Working from home has many brilliant benefits, and it’s even better if you can run a business from home too. You’ll dramatically cut operational costs, and can work in an environment that suits you best and helps you be more productive.

With that being said, it’s no wonder that so many home businesses are popping up these days. But, this isn’t happening solely because of the benefits. It’s also due to the fact that starting a business from home is a lot easier than it used to be.

Why is this? What’s made it so much easier for people to start a company from home? Well, we’ve done some research and narrowed it down to these four factors:

Instant Communication

In the past, one of the biggest drawbacks for a home business was communication. Way back when, most people were lucky if they had two instant methods of communication. People had phones, but only a select few had email. So, they relied on sending letters which weren’t instant at all. Then, as time moved on, email became more widely used, and then mobile phones were introduced to allow texting. Now, smartphones have taken over, everyone has a computer, and there are so many forms of instant communication that make running a home business so much easier.

People can call or message others from their smartphone with ease. There are loads of instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc. Furthermore, there are plenty of video calling apps too such as Skype and Facetime (Apple devices only). This enables people to speak face to face with someone in a completely different location. You could run a business from home and talk with a client in Hong Kong or Australia via a video call. Likewise, you can hold video conference calls and speak with multiple people all at once – which is great if you have employees working from their homes too. Communication is way more instant than ever before, which means it’s a lot easier for someone to work from home and still communicate with customers and employees.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has come on leaps and bounds in the last 5-10 years and is now an important tool for home businesses. The simple fact is that the cloud has made it a lot easier for companies to be run from home. How? For starters, cloud computing has allowed entire IT infrastructures to be brought online. This means that you no longer need an office with a room full of servers to create a network for your business. Instead, it’s all migrating to the cloud, meaning you can access any number of applications from anywhere in the world. There are so many benefits of using the cloud for your business which you can find out from Tierpoint or any other cloud provider if you’re interested. But, the main benefit we’re interested in is that it can help you run a company from home a lot easier.

As well as allowing you to take your entire IT infrastructure online, cloud computing also makes it easier to collaborate with remote employees. All you have to do is grant them access to your cloud servers, and they can access everything online too. This means you can work together without actually being in the same room as one another.

Fast Broadband

It’s amazing how many things we take for granted in this day and age, and fast broadband is definitely one of them. These days, we can connect to the internet with ease and have incredibly fast broadband speeds at home. In the past, this wasn’t always possible. For someone to run a business from home, they need a fast and secure internet connection that never dropped. Back in the day, this wasn’t achievable as most homes had poor broadband speeds while offices had much better internet connections. Now, it’s a level playing field, which makes life a lot easier for the many home business owners out there.

Fast broadband is important as pretty much everything you do will require an internet connection. And, you can’t afford to be lingering on a slow one and disappointing your customers by not being able to complete orders or communicate as your connection is letting you down. But, you can now get fiber broadband for your home with exceptional speeds and more secure connection. Consequently, this enables you to make better use of all the instant communication methods as well as letting you use cloud services more effectively too!

More Home Business Ideas

Finally, perhaps the main reason it’s easier than ever to run a home business is because there are simply more ideas out there. Ten or twenty years ago you were really restricted when it came to thinking of business ideas that were suitable to be run from home. Now, there’s an abundance of easy and profitable ideas.

Largely, this is all thanks to technology. As technology advances, it creates more jobs and more business ideas. Digital technology has boomed which creates home business ideas such as digital marketing agencies. Then, you have good old support businesses. Everyone needs support, and it will never go away as new technology gets introduced that people struggle to understand. So, you can easily set up a business from home that offers support for various things. Another huge example is the birth of online shopping. More and more people have internet access, which leads to e-commerce becoming a big thing. Now, instead of setting up a shop in a store, you can set up a shop online and sell things from home.

You can turn your hobby into a business thanks to these current advantages. If you like beauty you can start a skincare business or if you like bullet journaling you can start a bullet journal business. Read more on how to start a skincare business here and how to start an online shop here

There’s no denying that starting a business from home is easier now than it was in the past. Having said that, there’s no denying that starting a business from home will get easier and easier in the future! Technology is always going to advance and make communication easier, as well as improving cloud capabilities and broadband speeds. Plus, as mentioned above, the more it advances, the more opportunities it creates for other home business ideas.


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