One of the best lessons you can learn in life is that not everyone holds themselves to the same standards you might. Understanding that other people have radically different situations, or might approach things from a much different vantage point can help texture your mindset when dealing with them. This does not mean all vantage points are valid. For example, someone who may wish to steal your vehicle does not simply have an ‘alternate view’ on the legality of property ownership, despite how open-minded you are with other topics.

When you’re a business, you also need to ensure that others prove themselves to you before you trust them. This can help you avoid making naive business mistakes, and this is especially useful when hiring people. After all, despite your best intentions, without care and a sharp mind it can be easy to have people pull the wool over your eyes. It’s the difference between blindly trusting the employees you like or keeping them accountable despite all of that.

One topic you may consider is trying to figure out if your employees are who they say they are. With the following advice, you’ll be sure to achieve this:

Check Their References

Checking an applicant’s references, something that many businesses fail to do can lend a whole world of insight to the overall worth of your recruitment process. The process that enables you to check employee references well is much more simple than you may realize, and can truly lend some vital understanding and texture to your impression of said candidate. For example, a candidate might proudly list their work conducted at a firm only for you to call up and find out that it’s either greatly understated or greatly overstated. Either way, you are more in the know, and you can use this information to determine their suitability.

Ask Them About Their Resume

It’s a simple task. A resume, while only one to two pages long at most, is something that does contain plenty of detail. Names of places, years worked, courses are taken, all of it has been carefully curated to impress you as the business owner or recruitment agent. Within the interview, simply asking them some questions at random can see how well they know this document. For example, you might ask them how long and between which years did they work with their previous employer. Truthful candidates will usually know this, while those who have placed falsehoods will likely not. It’s little tricks like this that can help you detect dishonesty.

Check Identification

Check the identification they give to you. Ensure it’s not counterfeit, that they are permitted to work in your country, and that it stands up to scrutiny. This can be the final smoking gun to help you detect if an applicant is who they say there are.

With this advice, you’re certain to catch out rogue applicants, making way for the best talent to come to your firm.

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