Do you think that traveling is about partying hard, seeing the sights and meeting new people? Well, you are right because that is exactly what happens when you go on a trip of a lifetime!

Still, traveling is not only about making new friends and drinking every night – it’s also about documenting the experience. After all, memories fade but pictures and blog posts are forever.

I’m a big fan of blogging, and I’ve been doing it for over a decade, and almost half a decade professionally… yep, it’s my job. There are bloggers that earn over 2 million a year, or $50,000 per month… just by writing about things they love.

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So, starting a blog seems like a good idea. However, before you jump in head first, there are a few things of which to be aware. The first is that a blog is not easy and takes up a lot of time. If you are willing to accept this initial step, underneath are six more things you should know before going live.

Single In On Your Purpose

Every blog has a purpose, but yours will differ from everyone else’s because individuals are unique. Therefore, trying to attract investors and make money might not be part of your agenda.

If this is the case, please don’t think that you have to try because that is what most bloggers attempt these days. Yes, some people make money, but others fall flat on their face and don’t make a cent. Instead, focus on why you started it in the first place and what you hope to get from the experience.

Maybe it will be to chronicle the journey, or maybe it’s to provide others with tips and tricks. Whatever it is, don’t feel like you have to compromise the essence of the blog for cash. Funnily enough, the ones that are money makers are so because they are organic.

Research The Platform

As blogging has become more popular, there are hundreds of platforms available. WordPress is the most popular and well known, but it isn’t the only one at your disposal.

Of course, this puts you in a dilemma as you don’t have a clue about platforms and that makes it harder to finalize your decision. All you can do is research the different ones and opt for the platform that best suits your needs. By checking out WordPress hosting reviews, you can pick up on the pros and cons of what to expect from a host.

Or, by going on travel forums, you can ask fellow peers for their thoughts and opinions. But, don’t forget to try out different products for yourself before you open the doors. I personally use a combination of Bluehost and WordPress to host this blog, and I’m very happy! 

Go For A Funky Looking Theme

In this sense, the word theme relates to the format and aesthetics of the site. In simple terms, some blogs look samey because they use the same formatting options.

Of course, there isn’t much anyone can do about this as there are limited options. Still, it is essential that you attempt to try and be different to stand out from the crowd. Not to be blunt, but the saturation of the market is going to be your biggest challenge.

At least with an original setup, the blog has a USP that might draw more visitors to the site. I find most of my designs and themes for WordPress on ThemeForest, so make sure you’ll have a look there. 

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And A Niche Subject Matter

Even if you are blogging for fun, you want others to read the content and visit the site. Otherwise, you could write a journal and keep everything locked away in a book. So, just like the aesthetic theme is important, so is the topic of the content. Again, it boils down to originality because the online community doesn’t want to read the same old stuff over again. With this in mind, you need to think of an angle that hasn’t been done before, or is lightly covered. For example, writing about cities and tourist spots is played out, so why not try writing about places off the beaten track? Or, include a novelty theme like a ‘Top 10.’ Then, the content has a quality that lures people and makes them want to share.

Pack The Right Kit

If you are going to commit to a travel blog, you are going to need a lot more than a pen and paper. Have a look at my resource page, to see all the tools I use for my five figure blog business

I couldn’t run my business without Teachable to host my online courses, Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts and Stories, Tailwind to schedule and automate my Pinterest strategy, Bluehost to host my WordPress blog on and for emergency calls and Convertkit to send out my newsletters and automate sequences (downloadable freebies and free email courses).

Especially when it comes to travel blogging, you’ll need a couple of things for the road. To begin with, a laptop or portable device with a word processor is vital to get your ideas onto the page. Plus, you will need an internet connection to post the articles online for everyone to read. Oh, and don’t forget a spare charger just in case you misplace the original one. After all, there is no point in lugging around a laptop if it is dead. Apart from the obvious machinery, a camera is also very important. In fact, it is almost as crucial as the laptop because the images paint a picture and add context. Without high-quality photos, the post isn’t exotic or relatable to the readers. Anyway, who goes traveling without taking any photographs?!

Be Consistent

Blogging is about posting regular content to keep the readers coming back for more. However, this isn’t an easy brief to hit when you are traveling because there are many elements to mix. The trick is to get into a routine where you can work and have fun at the same time. For instance, the initial step is to choose an amount that is viable. So, you might conclude that two or three a week is perfect. Once you have the workload, you can then decide how to structure the day. There is no wrong way, but most bloggers try to work in the morning and sightsee in the afternoon. Your work day is up to you, but make sure you decide on your routine.

Shamelessly Promote Your Brand

Starting off from the bottom and working your way up to the top is never easy. But, it isn’t impossible thanks to modern technology like Pinterest. With the help of social media, for example, it is possible to make your followers aware of your brand. And don’t worry, if it doesn’t work out in the end, it’s still possible to earn money with a small following. And, you have to be willing to shamelessly self-promote if you want the blog to gain any traction. That means posting links on Twitter and Twitter, and asking your friends to read, like and re-tweet.