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20 New things to do today for a better tomorrow


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If today isn’t a great day and you are feeling unproductive and uninspired – take it easy. Do new things that will help you feel better tomorrow. That’s all you can do for now. I’ve listed a couple of my favorite ways to feel better tomorrow, just take it easy and do whatever you feel most like. If you’re interested in organizing your life + work, check out my Crash Course Productivity & Time-Management here.

20 Ways to Feel Better When You're Stuck in a Rut

Here are 20 New things to do today for a better tomorrow

  1. Let it go. You can boost your happiness by detaching from past negativity.
  2. Pamper yourself. You can always pamper yourself when you want to feel better. Take a mask, a bath, moisturize and take care of your nails.
  3. Buy yourself some happiness. I would usually not recommend buying something to feel better, but this is an exception (you can always make it yourself). Buying something to pamper yourself like luxurious bath foam, a fancy candle, a book about happiness, a cinema ticket to a romantic comedy for you alone or moisturizer does wonder for your mood (and body!). There’s something about going to the cinema (alone) that always makes me feel really empowered.
  4. Be grateful. Think positive and list a couple of things you can be grateful for. There should always be something on the list, I mean, you’re alive!
  5. Take a walk to nowhere but everywhere. Just go for a brief walk (or a really long walk), no matter the weather. I promise, seeing new things or listening to music or a podcast will make you feel so much better, and this will last the next day.
  6. Plan your day from morning to evening. I know this may sound scary to some, but it’s proven to work – come up with the set of clothes you’ll wear, the foods you’ll eat etc. If you really wanna go pro and implement some law of attraction tips, make sure you visualize your successful day – and really feel it.
  7. Apologize. Apologize to anyone who you think you have hurt. Write down a list of people that you feel hurt by and would like to receive an apology from. This helps with the process of letting go.
  8. Buy flowers for someone you love. They will be so happy – especially since there was no reason for it besides genuine love.
  9. Exercise. You hate to hear it, but it will make you feel so much better after and the next day!
  10. Stop comparing. If you stop comparing, you will feel so much better – for the rest of your life. Comparing is the devil, and it doesn’t get you anywhere, only in a negative space.
  11. Clean your room/house/desk. If you’re looking at something that is untidy, it won’t improve your mood – it will just make you feel worse. A clean space will help you to clear your mind and start tomorrow with a clean slate.
  12. Forgive yourself. For everything. Every single person on the earth makes mistakes.
  13. Take the time to print some digital photos from moments you love. Scrolling through your life’s Kodak moments will make you realize it isn’t so bad and printing them out + hanging them in your room will make you feel grateful and happy each day seeing them.
  14. If you feel really bad, cry it out. Put on a sad song and really let yourself go – you will feel better afterward. Hint: Adele always works. One time I was doing drinks outside in a garden cafe with a couple of girls and when Adele came up, they all started to cry each after another it was so weird! We were in a happy girlfriends mood but all of a sudden everyone got so dramatic! That’s what Adele does haha.
  15. Go to the market (or supermarket) and buy a whole lotta fresh, healthy veggies to make a big salad. Finally treating yourself that expensive avocado can really help you instantly feel better, plus your skin will look better tomorrow!
  16. Realize that bad thought attracts more bad thoughts. I realized this after getting a pro at manifesting by using the law of attraction, but even without the law of attraction is makes sense right? It’s a state of mind. So switch now and think happy. I promise it works.
  17. Prioritize. Sacrifice some time tonight to dedicate to work items. You don’t have to actually work on anything–instead, your job will be to prioritize things for tomorrow. Make a short list of everything you have to do, everything you hope to do, and everything that might be nice to do; these will serve as your three main priority categories. Then, decide what you’re going to start on first, and how you’re going to arrange your day for the remainder of your tasks. Be sure to leave some time for unexpected new assignments and responsibilities.
  18. Journal. Review your day and get what is on your mind out on virtual or tree-based paper. This can bring calmness and clarity to your mind. Journaling can also give you more structure in life and is a way to find focus and to think things through in a better way. It can help you to find solutions and opportunities to your challenges.
  19. Help someone. Feeling down? One of the quickest ways to pick yourself back up is to do something kind for someone else. Buy the person in front of you their groceries or take a bouquet of flowers to your next appointment.
  20. Go to bed early. There’s nothing you can do now, but take enough rest and be determined that tomorrow is a better day.

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