If you love traveling, you probably spend a great deal of your planning time budgeting for the journey. You might be prepared to take the bus over a cab, and you might even camp instead of choosing a motel. So when you’ve made up your time to take a luxury vacation to somewhere like Amanyara a luxury Turks and Caicos Resort, to snorkel, swim, and lounge along powdery white beaches, you’re in for a treat. Here are some of the best ways to travel in style:

Luxury Yacht

If you love bobbing about on the water, then why not do it in style? Luxury yachts can be hired to take you almost anywhere you might want to go too. Many come with full services such as fine dining and butler service. You could also bring a masseur on board to offer you relaxing massages. Now all you need to do is pick where you want to drop anchor and enjoy a fabulous coastline view.

Private Jet

Taking your own plane to any airport you like is an amazing way to travel in style. It also means you can choose smaller regional airports and arrive that little bit closer to your destination. Personal planes mean personal service too. You can order the level of on-board catering to suit your needs. There are other service provisions you can factor into your private jet charter cost too. Include luggage handling, limo transfers, and drinks. Where will you go?

First Class Trains

Services like the Orient Express were the epitome of luxury travel back in the day. You can still book luxury vacations aboard this kind of train service. Accommodation is still comfortable and private enough to enjoy if you don’t overpack. The catering is five star, and the service is amazing. You can usually find these services running across Europe, although there are special train services in lots of countries. Check online to see which ones pique your interest for a luxury train ride to remember.

Chauffeur Driven

If you have to drive, it is always more comfortable letting someone else take the wheel. Now all you need to decide is which style of car is the one you’ll enjoy the most. Luxury limousines come in all shapes and sizes. You might enjoy the idea of a stretch limo, but you could also be very comfortable in high-end cars like Bentleys and Rolls Royce’s. Of course, if you prefer a little fun as you drive, a sports car could be just the thing to turn heads in the city center!


Some of the most magnificent cruise liners in the world offer opulence and luxury in abundance. Suites can include grand pianos, full butler service, and private fine dining. You may even have your own balcony overlooking the water. Of course, it’s the added services on board that attracts people to the lifestyle. Musical theater productions, ballroom dancing, and jazz lounges are just some of the facilities to entertain you on board. Then, of course, are all the port stops along the way with plenty of excursions to choose from.

There are so many wonderful ways to travel by air, rail, road, and sea. Which luxury mode of transport will you pick?


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