Travel is one of the best ways you can spend your time and money, but it’s not always easy making it work financially. Even if you’re able to get the time off work or are travelling in a gap year/ between jobs, there’s the issue of money to contend with. Thankfully, there are ways you can fund your travels and make it work- here are some ideas.


Volunteering abroad can be incredibly rewarding; you get to spend your time genuinely helping people that need it and making a difference. Lots of volunteering organisations offer food and a place to stay in return for your time- it’s not traditional travel as you can’t just go off all day and do whatever you want, but you still get to visit a new place in the world (and leave, knowing you made a positive impact). Check out overseas voluntary organisations and see if there are any places for you to go over for a period of time. It could be anything from a week to many months depending on your situation.

Work abroad

If you want to spend some time abroad but don’t have lots of savings, getting a job and doing some work would allow you to stay out there for a while. It might not be your dream job- perhaps some simple bar work or cleaning- but the rest of the time you get to explore and spend doing whatever you want. If you’re keen to live abroad for a little while before settling down back home then this is a great way to go about it.

Work while you travel

This day in age, it’s perfectly possible to earn a full time wage using just a computer. And doing so means that you can work from anywhere in the world, allowing you to take your work with you. You could freelance, you could blog or put out Youtube videos as a way to generate income. If you’ve already established a successful business, you can run things from the top using just your laptop and video calling from anywhere in the world. You could even work as a remote employee, get your tasks done for the day on the laptop and then go and travel and explore. Just be sure to take your online security seriously, be wary when you’re connecting to public wifi networks- check out Borgata online privacy for more.

Rent out your home

If you want to live abroad or travel for a number of months/ a year and you own your home, one option would be to rent it out while you’re away. Since rental costs tend to be higher than mortgages, you should be able to use the tenants rent to cover your mortgage and have some cash left over to go towards your funds while you’re away. Speak to an estate agent and work out the logistics, but it could be a sensible choice if you want to travel for longer.


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