When I first arrived in Osaka after a very long (20+hrs flight and stop-over) from Australia I wasn’t tired at all. I was super excited to finally be in Japan for the first time! I knew Japan Wireless was waiting for me back at my place, so I only had to make it to the place without struggles or internet. It was way later than I calculated before due to the long queues (3hours) at the rail station to get my preordered pass. So I had to follow a different travel schedule as the metro I was supposed to take didn’t even go anymore. It was late at night, and I realized when I was on the train that check-in time had ended. Stressed, because arriving in the middle of the night in a new place is never ideal, I hurried as much as I could. Everything went super smooth, the train system in Japan is genius

Hello Osaka, what a welcome!

All good! well, until I got off the train and went for the ’10 minute walk’ to the place. I got lost so bad, walked around with a lot of luggage (everything I have) and it was waaaay past midnight. Feeling super lost after 40 min of walking in small Japanese alleys, passing countless of vending machines and getting back to the main road a couple of times I stumbled upon a kid that I asked for help. He told me  I walked about4 km the wrong way, so he offered me to walk me to the place… so kind!! He was 21 and wanted to practice his English. But after a couple of two-word sentences and questions and even more confusion, we decided it was easier to just walk and ride the bike while often smile politely to each other. When I arrived it was 1.30am, and the door was closed. Still unsure if I needed to sleep on the ground outside I slowly realized there was an envelope with my name written on the door. OH MY!! They super well-organized everything by writing it all down and even prepared a lovely bed for me! I couldn’t be more grateful of the boy who helped me all the way to my guesthouse, and the guesthouse owner that welcomed me so lovely without even being there. ?

That was when I knew coming to Japan would be the best decision ever and I’m still very happy here! everybody is so kind and tries to help you when necessary, often it’s not because the systems are so convenient and easy to understand???

Definitely easier to travel as a female solo traveler than SEA or even Australia! ??

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