One of my favourite ways to explore the world? Camping! I have a few favourites I’d like to share with you. My favourite camping trip was my first ‘swag’ experience in the Australian Outback. In the middle of the red sand, we slept under the thousand stars. It got dark pretty early on, so we had to lit a bon fire. We baked fresh bread on the fire and ate a delicious bbq. We drank wine, shared good stories and saw two falling stars. Well, this was quite an unique experience for me, because camping in Europe is usually a little bit different. But that’s what I’m used to, and I like camping in Europe too!

A few places to camp that should be on my Travel bucketlist:

camping ocean and sea trips

| Ocean & Sea camping trips |

Who doesn’t love the ocean or the sea? Here, nature does things on a big scale, with powerful waves, perfect for trying or improving your watersports; long, fine sand beaches, perfect for relaxing; an amazing heritage; huge, fragrant pine forests and more! You’ll enjoy a truly fantastic holiday! From the coastline of the Basque country, with its bandas music, to the shores of Brittany, where lighthouses and dolmens are just some of the attractive features, you’re bound to find a campsite to your liking! Great for scheduled holidays after a busy work period for example, because you can relax when you arrive but be active if you want to.

camping mountains

| Mountain camping trips |

I love, love mountains! Probably because I grew up in a flat country called the Netherlands. Do you want a breath of pure air at altitude or extreme sports in the wide open spaces? Be tempted by all the pleasures of the mountains, set off for the summits, hike or paraglide to discover mountain lakes. Admire the beauty of the peaks and do many outdoor pursuits in mountain landscapes with lakes and forests. This year will it be: a holiday in the open air, strong impressions and fine food? Get ready to live life at its peak… so nice, this is definitely on my bucketlist (asap!)!

camping life live wild and free explore wanderlust


| Country camping trips |

Do you need to recharge your batteries? To use your next holiday to move and breathe in the open air? Come into the great outdoors, flow with a holiday that means walking in the great outdoors and these discoveries: beautiful valleys, ancient forests and… castles! Choose greenery, the great outdoors and the fresh air with our countryside campsites. Hiking, discovering the countries heritage and fine food, rest and wellness will be the ingredients for your stay country camping trip!

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you which camping trip you prefer… I’d choose the mountain camping trip I guess, I think it would be both calm and refreshing and my ultimate place to write, relax,  recharge and relax.


Photos taken from my Pinterest board ‘Live wild & free‘. Because I can’t get over photos like this! They always make me very happy and they remind me that you don’t need much in life to be happy.