When it comes to planning your next trip, you might be looking to get something a little different out of your vacation. Although it can be nice to relax on the beach and chill out, there are plenty of active things that you can be doing when you travel. So many countries have volunteer programs that you could try out. Not only do you get to do something worthwhile, but you get to know a whole new group of people and make some unforgettable experiences. So if you are looking to do some good on your travels, here are some of the best destinations to try.



Eastern Europe is one part of the world that would be able to offer you a one of a kind experience in an orphanage. No country more so than Romania. You can work completely immersed in the culture so you can get to know how things work in that part of the world. You can volunteer for as long or short as you’d like. So even if you can only do it for a week, it is worth looking into. You’ll be able to make a massive difference in the life of those children.


Thailand is a gorgeous destination. It also has the benefit of many teaching English programs. So you could work as a volunteer teaching English in Thai schools. Then you can explore the area and relax on the stunning beaches during the rest of your non-working time there. Look online for the variety of organizations that you could secure a placement with.


If you like animals, then there are lots of opportunities to volunteer in Ghana to help the wildlife. It could be working in a National Park or in a wildlife reserve. The animals there may be unlike any you have ever seen in your life before. So it could be an amazing experience to help feed elephants and giraffes, for instance.

South Africa

There are many different opportunities to help in South Africa. You could help in schools or hospitals. You can volunteer in schools, as well as help to coach for different sports. There are also lots of opportunities to help with groups that help those affected by HIV and Aids. That can be such a worthwhile experience and something that will actually make a difference in someone’s life.


Like South Africa, there are lots of different opportunities to volunteer in Ecuador. You could volunteer in schools, for example. But there are many farms reserves that you could volunteer on. If you like to be outside and keep active, then this location might be one of the better ones for you. You could even volunteer on projects in the Amazon; what an amazing opportunity!


You could volunteer to work closely with the local communities and learn all about their culture. Clearing up in slums and helping in clean water projects could be an amazing opportunity for you too. You could volunteer to help Buddhist monks and the projects that they are working on. There are so many options in a country as large as India.


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