I absolutely love fall! I’m so excited for everything that comes the next 3 months. Not only the holidays but usually I plan a fun mom and daughter trip with my mom. We usually go to Scandinavia for the Christmas vibe but also visited other places, Ireland last year.

Halloween is not really big where I’m from, and usually, there’s no big event. My friends live in a big old school building that has a nice community vibe and every year they organize a Halloween hunt through the building.

I LOVE going to a theme park, to go to their ‘horror’ nights.

I like to take a fall walk in the forest to collect things like pinecones and leaves and to create a fall decorated plate at home.

And so there are so many rituals that I want to share that I decided to create a fall bucket list to not forget anything.

It will give me motivation and inspiration to do things because usually, I come up with awesome seasonal plans but I don’t do a thing in everyday hectics.

This year I wanted to plan my Insta feed, and the photos I want to take and decided to include it in the bucket list, as often the best photos are taken during experiences right?

I will post all the photos at the end of the month!

Money Challenge

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The Money Challenge

Fall Bucket List For Adults:

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge

1. Collect pretty leaves to press in a book

My favorite autumnal activity, going outside to collect leaves and later press them at home in a book. After a little drying & pressing, they’re ready to put up everywhere! Who needs an official flower press anyway?

I’m not sure why I don’t have kids, haha this is such a great kids activity but I absolutely love to do it myself.

2. Pumpkin Carving

Last year I did my first pumpkin carving and it was so much fun! I didn’t use a ‘pumpkin carving kit‘ so it was definitely a little hard to do so, so this year I come prepared. I got a few different pumpkin carving stencils and the right tools to make it even easier.

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge

3. Eat marshmallows

This isn’t really tied to October, but for some reason, I can’t wait to roast some marshmallows above a candle. Yep, that’s the sad city girl in me but they just taste better roasted and I once found out, using a candle is a perfect way to do that from the couch. #lazygirl #lovemarshmallows

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge October stars

4. Watch the stars

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge October pumkin cake recipe

5. Bake a pumpkin-carrot cake

I LOVE baking and that’s just a fall thing, to go inside and eat hihihi. A pumpkin-carrot cake isn’t something I have made before, but it’s something I have tasted before so let’s go!

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge October winter boots dr martens

6. Get new winter leather boots

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to my Chelsea boots. They’d been with me for two or three years but held an extra special place in my heart because I walked the Great Wall Of China with them.

I bought new ones but they are a bit too small, and I was hoping the leather would set out a little bit, but unfortunately, that never happened and all that did happen were blisters so they have to go.

I haven’t found a nicer pair than the ones I had from COS, so I’ll continue my search and walk around on my Nikes for the time being. Although I don’t like going to dates, business meetings and more.

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge October Pumpkin Spice Latte

7. Get a pumpkin spice latte or seasonal coffee drink at a coffee place

Okay, so I’m that 1% of people that DOESN’T likes a pumpkin spice latte. I do like the thought of cappuccinos with fall spices in them, so I often go for a seasonal drink at Costa Coffee at the airport or at the local cafe to experience the season haha.

P.S. Don’t forget to go green and bring your own reusable coffee mug to go like this cute one from Ban.do

8. Drink warm apple cider

I just bought organic apple cider vinegar today, so why not brew that other apple cider drink sometime this month? I can’t wait for the smell…

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge October fall candles and cinnamon spiced candles

9. Get a new set of spicey cinnamon fall candles

I absolutely love candles and I light a candle every morning in the winter when I get behind my desk to work until the sun comes up.

It’s a little ritual that makes the early (sometimes even at 5 am!) work mornings a little bit nicer, and I have to get a special cinnamon fall candle for October to get extra in ‘the mood’!

Any thoughts on candles?

Maybe splurge on a candle or get a nice but cheaper one (wow pumpkin smell!)?

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge October Fire and Winter beach

10. Go to the beach for a cold beach walk and a warm-up near the fireplace afterward

Last year I came home after living abroad and I did this with one of my best friends, and I keep a dear memory of it! We drank all sorts of warm and alcoholic drinks in the beach club near the fireplace and chatted the night away, it felt like hours and it was just perfect!

Time to do that again this year!

11. Make baked cinnamon apples

A few days ago I already made this and it as just SO delicious, that I had to make it a fall tradition. It’s healthy and sooo delicious, it tastes like apple pie! I’ll write a blog post about the recipe later, maybe.

12. Bake Halloween themed cookies

I’ve never done this but it sounds so romantic, baking Halloween themed cookies! Of course, they will be gluten-free and lactose-free so I’ll definitely come up with a recipe blog post later!

I only need to get some of these Halloween metal cookie cutter tubs.

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge

13. Eat pancakes for breakfast and stay in all day

Gluten-free, lactose-free pancakes are a thing because they are good solutions for a bread-free life. Usually, I make them with two ingredients: eggs & bananas (and spices), easy and healthy. Get the recipe here.

work from a cafe with laptop and coffee october autumn bucket list

14. Go to a cafe on a rainy day and work all day from there

I absolutely loooove working from a cafe all alone, rain on the windows and hot coffee in my stomach. Unfortunately, the keys of my MacBook Pro don’t longer work well, a few don’t work anymore which makes it impossible to type.

At home I use my iMac or a wireless/usb keyboard to still use my MacBook but working from a cafe and bringing an external keyboard is next level haha. But, as it’s still functioning really good, I don’t think I’ll purchase a new laptop.

Every now and then it goes through my mind… “should I just get a new one?” maybe a Chromebook for $300 or a refurbished Macbook for $400 but then I get myself in check – as long as my computers work, I don’t want to get new ones just because they work a little bit better.

I’m really tired of this whole ‘disposable electronics’ system we’re in, a new iPhone every year, a new laptop every two, three years… they are big investments, and should last longer.

It’s no good for the environment, nor my wallet.

And talking about wallets, I have a new rule that I’ve tried since the start of the year. No daily working from a cafe. As I said on Instagram the other day, I’ve been doing really good this year and maybe worked from a cafe only once a quarter, and only if I had a paid assignment to work on.

Well done Noni!

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge moon ritual

15. Do a new moon & full moon ritual

I do this every month but it’s a good reminder to put it on this bucket list. I use this book and this moon journal for guidance on the ritual, reading about which moon we’re in & more.

I know it’s the only autumn but I purchased my moon diary for the new year already, it came in a few weeks ago and it’s so beautiful! Get the Moonology diary here. (Get it on Amazon for only $13.20 here!)

Fall Bucket list & Autumn Photography Challenge for October