In the modern world, there are lots of people taking the leap into becoming self-employed. This can mean picking up work as a freelancer or running your own company from the comfort of your own home.

In any case, there can be days when remaining productive can be a challenge. If this happens for an extended period, something must change before it begins to have a wider impact on your life and work.

Luckily, there are many ways to can maximize your productivity, which will see you jumping into work each day with a renewed energy and lots of creativity.

Combat underlying health issues

Many people suffer from health problems that may prohibit them from being as productive as they’d like. Lots of these can be resolved by tackling physical health problems, such as when low energy levels are caused by a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

More people are also suffering from mental health problems in recent years, which can have similar effects on how productive you are. Seeking help from friends and family may give you all the tools you need to get better and come back to work.

Unfortunately, lots of people in this position become dependent on alcohol. When this happens, seeking support from a trusted alcohol addiction center is the best option for getting back on track.

Make your home as cozy as possible

When it’s winter, I usually try to lit a candle first thing in the morning when I get behind my desk, it immediately sets the mood. Other things I love are blankets, cup of teas and a beautiful to-do list to make the most out of it.

Set a daily schedule

Arguably one of the hardest aspects to working from home is setting your own workday. When you are in an office, your hours are set for you, and there is the threat of losing your job if you don’t stick to them.

However, freelancers may not find out the work they are to complete far enough in advance to plan a schedule. When this happens, the trick here is to set a schedule for your next working day the night before.

When you wake up the following morning, you can tick each item off your list as you complete it.

Take a productivity course

Often, productivity is about systems that work, knowledge and thinking about the things you know & remember. Take a productivity and time-management course like this one that I take every couple of months to refresh my knowledge and productivity for new insights.

Bring nature inside

There is a shocking correlation between how productive you are when you are working in a natural setting, as opposed to when you are sat in a dark, stuffy room.

The natural world can help people stay calm and collected, but it can also inspire creativity within the worker. This is essential if you are working in a position which requires constant attention and creative flow.

Having your workspace filled with natural light is a great start, but you should also consider bringing some bright, potted plants indoors, too.

Take regular breaks

When you work from home, it is easy to forget to switch off outside working hours. Some people even choose to avoid taking breaks, as it means they will get their work done quicker.

Yet, this doesn’t always result in a high standard of work. It may seem counter-productive, but you should ensure you are taking regular breaks throughout the day.

Filling these breaks with short bursts of exercise and wholesome meals means you will come back feeling invigorated and more focused.

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