During the lockdown, many of us have had a lot of time to reflect on our careers. Usually, when we’re in the throes of routine with work, we get little time to actually think about what we’re doing. We get up, we get ready, we make the commute, we work, we commute back, then we spend what free time we have trying to fit in exercise, social plans or just a little relaxation. Now some of us have had the opportunity to mull things over, we’ve found that we might not be quite on the path that we want to be. Maybe we don’t actually like the field we’re working in. Maybe we don’t enjoy our role. Maybe we’re not progressing as we’d like. Maybe we’d like to break into a new field or area. Now, there are plenty of career paths out there that you can take and it would be nigh on impossible to tackle them all in one post, but if you’re good with numbers, a financial career might be a good option for you!

Stocks and Shares

Stocks and shares seems like a relatively intimidating field to enter. But anyone who has a good grip with numbers and who’s alert and vigilant can generally get involved. There are a number of markets out there that you can get involved in, all of which you can monitor through stock information websites. There are plenty of ways to practice before throwing caution to the wind and actually investing in stocks and shares too. Consider using a stock simulator that can let you try your hand at this profession without risking any real money in the process! When you get good, you can start putting money down properly. With a little experience, you might want to stop working independently and start working for someone else. This gives you a more reliable and stable income while engaging in the same field. You also benefit from employee benefits like paid annual leave, parental leave, sick leave and compassionate leave.


Now, accounting might not sound like the most fun career, but it comes hand in hand with a lot of perks. This is a role that pays an average salary of $68,150 a year and, if you’re particularly good at what you do, it’s good to know that the average for the top-earning accountants is around $120,910 a year. If you decide to opt to follow a career in accounting, your job will generally revolve around preparing and examining clients’ financial records on their behalf. You will largely deal with businesses and self-employed individuals who will mainly want you to work out exactly how much tax they should owe at the end of the fiscal year. There will always be demand for your role!

These are just two financial careers you might want to consider pursuing. There are plenty more out there. But hopefully, this will get your imagination whirring and could encourage you to make your first steps towards your new financial career!

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