Are you in a career that you feel does not positively contribute to society? Often, when we are stuck at a career crossroads, one of the things that we worry about is how much good we do in the world. If the business that you work for seems to only care about profits, this may not sit well with you. The service that you may be providing might not be all about making lives better, and this might not sit well with you. 

Ethics and values are essential to some people, and often, these can rank higher than salary when it comes to choosing a career path to follow. If you are thinking about changing careers, as yourself if any of these options may be good for you.

Helping Out With The Disabled

Getting a job as a disability support worker can be very rewarding. You will spend your days providing care and support for one or more disabled individuals. This may mean helping them to dress, wash, and eat. You may need to take them places and help them with money. You may have the opportunity to help people with wide-ranging disabilities and needs, from physical to mental. 

Working one-to-one with someone with a disability can be a positive experience for both them and you. They will get the chance you build up a relationship with you. Human connection is valuable to everyone, and providing this gift can mean a great deal to many people. 

Teaching Young Children

Helping young children to learn can be a fantastic experience. You will get the opportunity to help lots of children get the best start in life and teach them skills that they will carry right on through for their entire lives. Being one of the first teachers that they get may well shape their outlook on education in the future. If you can make learning fun and reward for them, then they will carry on with a spirit of passion and enthusiasm and continue to thrive in their education. 


People hit bumps in the road in their lives. These can be quite tough for many to deal with, and they will need the support of a counselor who can help them process the difficult emotions that they are faced with. Training to be a counselor can be very rewarding as you will get the opportunity to help so many people. You may have to listen to some very complicated and difficult situations, and you need to be able to maintain a professional, open, and supportive manner about you at all times. However, you could make a huge difference in someone’s life, and you may even save people. 


Being the first on the scene of an accident, or helping someone to the hospital from their homes can mean that you can prevent someone from dying. You will need quick thinking and the ability to remain calm under pressure. There will be situations that may be hard to deal with emotionally. However, you will save people and may even end up bringing the occasional baby into the world. 

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