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To start a blog, all you need is passion, a topic of interest, a laptop, and an internet connection. That’s it! This small list of requirements makes blogging accessible to all and entices thousands to start their own blog each year. But no matter how eager you are to blog, technical difficulties can stand in your way. From slow wifi to broken laptops, these issues can affect both amateur and professional bloggers alike. While you get these difficulties dealt with, your lack of blogging could cause your blog to suffer. Thankfully here are ways to supplement your blog even when you’re disconnected. But how can you blog when your internet or laptop isn’t working? Read through the ideas in this guide to discover how.

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Brainstorm content ideas

The majority of bloggers use the internet to find inspiration for their content. But this isn’t possible if you don’t currently have a laptop or the internet. But that doesn’t mean you can find sources of inspiration in other places too. Books which you have at home or in a local library can give you ideas for content, image editing, and topics. Street style, art galleries, and walking outside can also be effective sources of inspiration. Even discussions you have with your friends could lead to interesting content ideas. Write down all of the ideas you generate, even if some of them seem unsuitable. You can then refer to this useful list of content ideas when you get the inevitable writer’s block in future.

Write your blog posts

Now you have plenty of ideas to use, the next thing you need to do is start writing some content.

As your home doesn’t currently have an internet source, this is the perfect time to get writing. This is because you don’t have as many distractions to be tempted by. It’s likely that your laptop has Microsoft Word or another writing program which allows you to write without the use of the internet. So use this as an alternative which you can use temporarily to create your content. If you don’t have a computer or laptop to use, use your phone or head to an internet cafe or borrow a relative’s device instead.

Take incredible photographs

Photographs can help make your blog posts more interesting and can help differentiate your blog from thousands of others. But they can also be used as a way of boosting traffic to your blog through SEO. This is particularly important if you want your blog to be lucrative. However,  this will only work if you use original images and title them using keywords. So use this time to set up your own photo studio or get outside and take some photographs. Experiment with different angles and layouts to find a style that suits your blog perfectly. Then, rename these items using keywords from the content they relate to.

These simple ideas will help you use your time effectively, while also ensuring your blog gets the supplementation it needs. Remember that just because you are disconnected, doesn’t mean your blogging should come to a standstill.

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