These days, old fashion trends seem to pop back up and appear every now and then. Whether it’s striped sweatpants, ripped denim or even choker necklaces, streetwear trends and fashion in general seems to go full circle. Eventually, we’ll start wearing the things that we used to and everyone will call it trendy again.

One of the most popular fashion trends that usually stays around for a while is wearing a cap. Be it a basic snapback hat, fitted caps or a premium baseball cap, there are plenty of different kinds of hats that you might be interested in wearing as part of your outfits. However, it’s important to think about how you wear them, what you pair them with and also how to take care of your cap.

When buying a cap, try and go for premium materials

A good-quality hat is going to make a world of difference. Your head will feel more comfortable, it won’t feel tight around your temples and it’ll last longer even through multiple washes. Many streetwear brands have their own lineup of caps, but we highly suggest that you consider brands that are known specifically for their caps. For instance, Cap America is a great place to start when looking for a cap made from premium materials. Don’t neglect the importance of a high-quality cap and don’t be afraid of spending a bit more money on a quality cap.

Which way should you wear your cap?

In most cases, you should be wearing your cap in its intended orientation. However, wearing it backwards can often add a bit of young rebellious flair to your outfits. There are very few situations where wearing it sideways can actually look good, so try to avoid that.

Make sure it fits your head properly

Caps can be a nuisance for people because it can either be too big or too small. If it’s too big, it’ll make your head look small and it’ll cover a lot of your vision. However, if it’s too small then you’ll find that it might tighten around your head and feel painful at times. Test your caps before you buy them and check to see if any measurements are listed.

Don’t forget to wash your cap

Caps can actually pick up a lot of dust and grime because it sits on top of our head. It can also get surprisingly damp if you sweat a lot. This means it can pick up nasty smells over time, so it’s best to wash your cap on a regular basis if you wear it a lot. Ideally, you should have several different caps to switch between depending on the outfit that you’re putting together.

Remember that you shouldn’t feel bad about spending your cash on fashion, especially if it buys you a better product that lasts longer and feels better. If you invest in accessories such as a cap, your outfits will have a much easier time standing out.

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