Going passive & to the cloud to travel & work 

If you want to travel more, I recommend you start earning a passive income and live your life in the cloud so you can access everything at all times. Here is how you do it:

| Organize your travel + personal life in the cloud | 

Start organizing your life in the cloud and you’re all set for long-term travel. How you start? Sign up to Evernote Premium (I can give away a free month, claim your free month of Evernote Premium here) and scan all your papers in. Don’t forget to active two-step verification just to be sure you can’t be hacked and your documents stay private. On the premium plan you can upload up to 10GB a month for free, so you can both upload your files, photos and personal administration to multiple notebooks. Use a digital calendar. I learned this the hard way, when I first brought my Moleskine Large calendar on my world trip. Lesson learned? You don’t really need a calendar in the first place, and secondly, it’s quite big and heavy. So I moved to the cloud. I use various calendars. I use Timely to track my time, and sometimes I also use it as a calendar. I can create calendars in Evernote, and I use Asana’s calendar function. Automate your iPhone Photos to IFTTT and Evernote, to automatically upload all your photos to the cloud. YES, fully automated! I use Wunderlist to keep track of my personal tasks. I use Booking.com to keep track of my accommodation bookings.

| Organize your biz life in the cloud | 

Depending on your business, sign up to a new Evernote Premium account or open a few notebooks just for your business. I use Asana and Evernote to keep track of my business tasks and blog post schedule. I use Freshbooks to keep track on my finances and money goals. I use Google Docs and Evernote to organize my inspiration and article drafts.

| Run a passive business | 

I automate as much as possible, so I can enjoy my life, travel the world and still be in business. One thing you can do is sign your business up for an affiliate program so that others promote your business. A super easy way to drive more sales on autopilot, but you do have to invest something if you want to join an affiliate program. Another way to run your biz on autopilot is signing up to Convertkit, and coming up with creative ways to automate your emails. That’s how I came up with an automated PR strategy, fully ran on Convertkit (read about it here).

Read more about ALL the tools I use to run my business in: The tools I use to run my 5-figure automated business and blog – networks, plugins, software, tools and hosting.

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