Debt is something that will eventually come for us all. Whether you’ve taken out a student loan, mortgage or just a personal loan, there are actually lots of benefits to certain types of debt. As long as you can pay it back, debt can help you build up credit and gives you access to purchasing things that you wouldn’t be able to pay for in a lump sum.

However, debt can eventually be poisonous if you’re not careful about it. Debt can feel suffocating and it’ll claw away at your mental state if you’re not careful. Many people that suffer from severe debt also have depression. It can negatively impact their decision making and, before they know it, they’ll be in a terrible financial situation that feels impossible to get out of.

So in this post, we’re going to talk about a few ways that you can help friends and family members who are suffering from debt.

Noticing their debt issues in the first place

It’s important that you constantly look out for your friends and family members when you think that they’re in debt. If they’re constantly spending more money than you know they’re making, then it’s worth talking to them about it. They might find it offensive for you to invade their personal space and ask about their finances. It can be a sensitive topic, so take care when confronting friends and family members.

Offer to be a secured party creditor

If a friend or family member is facing severe debt then you may be able to become a secured party creditor. This allows you to assist in their debt discharge program which can help them clear the majority of their debts. If you’re interested in how to become a secured party creditor, you should speak to experts such as DTSS to learn more. Keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for your friend or family member’s financial situation, so only do this if you have faith that they’ll do a better job managing their finances in the future.

Help them budget for their life

One of the most important things for you to do as a friend or family member is to help them budget. Ask them what their income is, what they spend their money on and look for areas where they’re simply spending too much. This will help you identify areas of their life that they’re spending too much money and will teach them how to better manage their income. Budgeting can also be made easier with smartphone apps or cloud-based accounting management software. The goal is to make them more self-aware of how they spend money so they can make better decisions in the future to save instead of spending it randomly.

It’s important to help out friends and family members who are feeling stressed from their debts. Support doesn’t always need to come in financial form. It can just be some solid advice or helpful knowledge on how to handle debt.

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