Being afraid of the dentist is not uncommon; it can be an overwhelming experience. You will need a dentist you are comfortable with, especially when you have regular or yearly appointments you need to attend. It could be time to change your dentist, so you can have a fresh start and have the experience behind them to make you feel at ease in the dentistry chair. Dentists such as Dr Min Zhu are well known for making their customers feel relaxed and fearless about visiting a dentist. They can ensure it is a stress-free experience. 

Visiting hours 

Trying to visit the dentist at less busy times can avoid the feeling of entering a full waiting room and being rushed through at busy times. This could be times such as after school and weekends, but making the receptionist aware of the situation can ensure that they find the best appointment slot to suit you and allow extra time if needed. 

Bring a friend 

Some people benefit from bringing a friend or family member with them to their appointment. Choosing a comforting and relaxing person will help rather than opting for a squeamish friend because this will not help. Your friend or family member can accompany you throughout your appointment and waiting process, so you are not alone. 

Calming methods

Having a few techniques that you can rely on throughout the appointment may help take the pressure off your mind. You could try some deep breathing exercises in the waiting room or bringing something comforting, such as a fluffy jumper. Others benefit from wearing noise-canceling headphones if some areas or sounds of machines scare them. 

A special signal

When you enter the room, explain to the doctor your concerns and worries. It can be a good idea to discuss a signal to display when you are feeling fearful and want the treatment to stop for one reason. Another method is to have the dental nurse to sit with you and talk to you throughout the procedure to take your mind off it. 

The little tips and tricks

There are little tips that a lot of people find success when you have treatment. If injections scare you than asking for a numbing gel so you do not feel the pain or whether the drilling sounds make you anxious, then listening to music in earphones can distract you, opting for pumping pop music even better. 

Hopefully, with this guide, you will find a dentist you trust, such as Dr Min Zhu, who can make you feel comfortable. Visiting your dentist on the quieter times of the day will allow you to feel less rushed like a conveyor belt and have a calmer experience. Many people forget that you can bring a friend to your appointment, so you do not feel alone. Bringing some earphones that are noise-canceling headphones as a backup could be a great option too to distract any unnerving sounds as well as some breathing techniques to help you to relax and feel fearless.