To be honest: my head is still in the other side of the world (and in the past), as I’m working on a daily basis to complete all my world trip stories, photos etc.! I cannot wait to share them! But I still have a long road ahead, because I have over 1 TB of photos and never ending stories to write. 

Hey you, are you living in the now or in the past-

So for now, days filled with hard work! Like waking up at 5am to work till 8pm.. Yep, I’m living the life. Wanna see my behind the scenes (aka my ‘now’)? Follow me on Snapchat! @nnonimay! I shot the picture of the ghost in Los Angeles earlier this year and now I’m hooked! Maybe I’ll write a little post about my favourite Snappers later, if you also have Snapchat let me know, I love to follow new people! And for you 6 exercises to live in the now.