So… I was away all year and when I got back in Europe, I was shocked about all the refugees that are not accepted into countries and so sad about the ones that died while trying to make it to Europe. In other parts of the world like USA and Australia I did read about the ‘problem’ sometimes, but certainly not everyday. So when I got back I was shocked. And I wanna do something. 

| How to help the refugees |

Horrified, by the idea that some people don’t welcome refugees to their countries and horrified by the idea that so many already died in their try to escape. Now I’m back, early September, I noticed that a lot of people do want to help. And although refugee organisations now ask people to stop their ‘one man’ actions, it’s a good thing that people want to help. They offer a place to sleep, or make a welcome package. I wanna do stuff too. And what can I do? I’m in contact with my friend in Budapest, the city where most refugees strand to enter Europe. Right now she’s doing some research if they need help there, I’d love to do some volunteering and sure, I’m willing to take a plane for that. I’m also planning on making some welcome packages this week, for me it’s not more than normal to help others who left everything behind for a safe future. In that context, I have more than enough and I’d love to share some of my stuff with them. Other things I can do? Write, write, write!

whats in the bag of refugees

| What refugees bring when they escape |

Seeing the devastating images and videos every single day, more than a thousand thoughts, I had one single question that is now answered.. what do you bring if you leave everything behind in order to survive? Refugees travel light, for their trek is as dangerous as it is arduous. They are detained, shot at, hungry. So what do they pack? International Rescue Committee published this post, with short interviews with some refugees and a what’s in their bag. Finally an interesting one (f-you fashion bloggers), but at the same time a very sad one. Have a look at the whole article and don’t forget to research how you can make a difference in this problem. Thanks for reading!

How to help the refugees and what refugees

Photos by Tyler Jump

The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future. At work in nearly 40 countries and in 25 U.S. cities, the IRC restores safety, dignity, and hope to millions of families in need.