Running a startup shows that you are independent, motivated, and fearless. But, there is always that feeling that as big and successful as you might become, there will still be a bigger, better business that will steal customers away from you.

And for some, that is fine. There are startups that look to be ‘the alternative’ to the corporations and are happy appealing to the niche markets, but others want to break the wheel. These are the startups which are looking to topple the behemoths of the business world and create a new landscape for the future.

However, this can be difficult. Any new startup knows that they are battling against a tide created through years of success having emerged from a market that perhaps didn’t exist ten years ago. Competing with the big names in business is hard, but not impossible.

Sell who you are

For many small businesses, the crux of attracting new customers is through personability. That is, they are not just buying a product or service, but an experience of working with you. Unlike big business, where customers are buying a brand and lining shareholder pockets with their hard earned money when interacting with your business, they can work directly with you.

This can create a sense of loyalty to the customer. You may charge a bit more for your product than an established company, however, by providing a personable and satisfying customer experience, you will soon see more return customers than ever before. Too many words have been written about big business and poor customer service; take advantage.

Educate yourself

Those atop the pyramid of business have done it, so why shouldn’t you? Undergoing courses and obtaining degrees in any subject, be it a base-level marketing degree or achieving an MA online in education will give you the further impetus to succeed and allow you to expand your brand.

Carrying out further education will open your world to many opportunities that perhaps were hiding around the corner beforehand. From here, you will be able to appeal to a broader audience base, along with demonstrating your willingness to improve and adapt should the need ever arise.

Spreading awareness

While it will be impossible to reach everyone, there is still the potential to influence a lot of people through an efficient marketing campaign. Now, the majority of marketing is done online, using social media and ads (as annoying as they are) to spread awareness for your business.

Investing in an exceptional marketing campaign that is innovative and unique will go a long way to differentiating your business from the big corporations who do similar things. Customers typically want to help small businesses, but a lack of exposure and convenience is often what holds them back. Doing everything you can to give them that opportunity will assist towards profits and reputation as the years go on.

There will be times that you feel like Sisyphus while trying to make a name for yourself, but if you ever want to topple the paradigm established by big business and carve out a niche for your company, the effort needs to be there. As an entrepreneur, you have already proven you can go the distance, so it shouldn’t be that hard to take a step out further into unknown territory.