Technology has vastly transformed the way the world is interconnected, and the internet, along with smartphones, has been groundbreaking for the business landscape. Online entrepreneurs have much to think about in regards to managing their businesses, and it often means long hours and the looming doubt of industry competition. What are the most effective and proven ways to grow the presence of your small online business to make it a success? 


When finding ways to scale your digital marketing, it’s firstly practical to utilise your Google analytic sources and mediums, to allow you to see all the different places that are sending traffic to your website. Ensure to sequentially monitor the number of new visitors, your conversion rate, and the amount of conversions to determine the places that are driving you the most sales or conversions. It’s also useful to check your benchmark reports, an opt-in feature by Google, which indicates where your business stands compared to the rest of the industry, and therefore helps to outline what needs specifically improving. 

Create A Clear Website

Your website is most often the first visual representation of your brand that consumers see, and is your first point of contact with them. When consumers search for your product, you want your website not only to display this, but for it to look appealing. A positive first impression of your business easily leads to generating more sales. An attractive and customer-friendly website will usually include a contemporary layout with easy navigation, as well as creative content that distinguishes your brand and entices visitors to learn more about your products. 


Staying competitive within your business, especially when you’re first starting out, can often leave you feeling overrun with tasks, and this is where outsourcing services can provide additional help, cut costs, and immensely improve overall productivity. This can include outsourcing an accountant to handle finances, a professional graphic designer to design your company website, or software solution services such as United Systems and Software Inc. who are ideal for assisting insurance companies in particular. 

Promote your Products in Online Groups/Forums

Online groups and forums such as those found on Facebook, a platform that holds over 1.55 billion users, provide an ideal digital environment to engage with customers on a personal level to reach a bigger audience within your specified niche. Such platforms provide an opportunity to present your products to an accurate target audience. For best results, undertake research and focus your effort on higher quality groups and forums that are active.  

Contact Micro Social Media Influencers

Studies have revealed that 70% of Instagram users want to consume content from brands. This is a staggering statistic, and one in which many small businesses utilise for increasing their level of sales. Reaching out to small social media influencers associated with your business’ niche on platforms such as Instagram can hugely increase your probability of sales, due to their high levels of engagement. It’s notable that smaller influencers with followers ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 tend to respond quickly, with prices conventionally significantly less than those of higher following. 

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