If you have lots of people to buy gifts for throughout the year, then you’re probably buying presents all year round, likely at the last minute in a bit of a mad panic. However, what if you were to change the way you approached gift-buying, and while you still bought them all year round, you did it strategically and not necessarily at the time when you need it. Whether it’s gifts for men, women or children, you probably go shopping or see things online all year round and things that a loved one would like, but it’s the wrong time to buy it for them, but why? If you can remember what you have purchased and have somewhere to store things then why not buy gifts as and when you see them as this will save you so much time and can save you lots of money or at least you’ll feel like it is. 


Buying your gifts throughout the year means that you don’t have to spend a considerable sum in one go. If you have many birthdays in one month or Christmas usually costs you a fortune in November and December, then you can plan your finances better if you make a list at the beginning of the year of events and gift requirements. You can then work out how much you’re going need to spend and spread the cost over the year.  

Save money

While you are still buying the same amount of presents for the same amount of people, planning this way helps you to make the most of the sales. Start in the New Year and then take advantage of bargains throughout the year as this will save you a lot of money. If you see something cheaper from a different country too, you have time to check out shipping costs and to see if it will save you money in the long run buying from elsewhere. Check out this list of the 15 Best Parcel Forwarding Services for International Shoppers which will ease your search,. 

Be Impulsive

If you know that you’re going to need a present for a wedding at some point because your friend has just got engaged; as long as you have it in mind then when you’re at a craft fair or farmer’s market, and you see something perfect, then you can get it there and then. Have your list with you, either in your diary or on your phone so that you can decide quickly which gift you want and for who.

Be Ready

Having a stash of presents at the ready can be so handy. There are always going to be celebrations and events that you didn’t know about – think engagements and pregnancies. You might want a gift for these, so you’ll thank yourself for having one at the ready. Even if you have allocated a particular gift to a specific person, having the luxury of time and money to replace it allows you to respond quickly and not to miss a thing.