One of the few things that literally everybody can do in order to make some extra cash is selling stuff online. A few years back, when there weren’t as many resources and knowledge as there is today, it was really easy to make good money online. In my experience it was a lot easier to sell stuff online and make way more money than it is nowadays. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Everything you make extra is good, and especially if that also means decluttering! A filled bank account, a decluttered home and a lot of free space in your brain!

I’ve been doing this for years, because I prefer selling stuff I no longer want or use over keeping it somewhere in the back of the closet. I’ve collected a few of my favourite ways, because they’re easy or because it’s a good place to actually sell stuff for a good price. Guess what? Don’t try to stay anonymous, it will harm your ability to sell.

  1. My number 1 place to sell stuff is…. Facebook! Try to find your local ‘marketplace’ group and join. People will like the fact that they ‘sort of’ can see from who they buy, and it’s super easy to upload photos and a ad via your phone. It’s free too, which is a big plus! Don’t forget to optimize your sale and share the post to your personal timeline too!
  2. Do you’ve got a few spare tickets to a concert of festival? Sell them preferably via Ticketswap (Dutch) or StubHub (US). This way the buyer knows it’s a real ticket and they don’t buy it from a reseller. This guarantees a successful sale more than via an anonymous website like Ebay (although, Stubhub is owned by Ebay!).
  3. Use marketplaces like Ebay (international), Craigslist or Marktplaats (Dutch) to sell your clutter. Lately I haven’t had any luck with selling via these websites, because if you don’t pay to stay on page number 1, you’ll soon end up at page 39. Ebay also charges a small percentage of your sell for its service, so if you’re trying to sell stuff valued a small amount, it’s probably not worth it.
  4. Sell your DVDs, games, books and magazines to Amazon (international), (Dutch) or Ziffit (UK) or Zapper (UK).
  5. Don’t forget to sell your used electronics once you’re done with them! NextWorth is one of the most well-known marketplaces for used electronics.
  6. Have a look at the local used book store. They often trade books for money, and you can quick sell a lot of books to them. Don’t expect to make much money on them, but it’s nice to have a minimalistic bookshelf with books you’ve actually read and love!
  7. Pawnshops: Of course, it’s much harder to sell certain items, such as jewellery, online. Go to the pawn shop!

Do you’ve a lot of clothes? Start your own simple webshop and promote! Start a simple (seriously, a one click one!) here: ASOS Marketplace | Tradesy

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