Decor decisions are always daunting, especially if they’re of the bold variety. After all, while you can always cover your mistakes, an extreme color change can be difficult to disguise. Not to mention the wasted time and energy that goes into doing so! Hence, countless homeowners have turned to neutral colors over the decades, with magnolia and white quite possibly the best-selling options for at least twenty years or more.

But, the tides are changing, and many would argue that this year is the year when you can finally go wild with your color choices. Luckily you needn’t do this blind, with virtual tools like those found at making it possible to test colors ahead of time on your very own walls. But, once you know how your favorite bright options will look, consider the following reasons why you’ll want to get around to them this year.

1 – The trends say it should be so

Newsflash – bright colors are incredibly trendy right now. As you can see from resources like, earthy warm tones are especially stylish. In fact, greens and yellows are at the top of the color charts. And, they don’t look set to go anywhere anytime soon. As such, opting for a bold color may not mean stepping apart from the crowd or taking quite the risk you think. Instead, it could see you slap bang in the middle of interior focuses. And, this year, the chances are that magnolia probably couldn’t do the same! 

2 – To put a smile on your face

Not to put a damper on things, but it’s also worth noting that we all need a reason to smile right now. Times are bleak and the news is bleaker, and there’s simply no getting around that. But, have you ever tried feeling blue in a bright yellow room? The chances are that you wouldn’t be able to manage it. With all of us spending more time at home, this small pleasure is especially fundamental. So, with that in mind, you certainly shouldn’t hesitate to turn to bolder, brighter colors than you ever might have in the past. Fancy a bright orange spare room? Go for it. You deserve to treat yourself!

3 – Because you have the time

It may be that you’ve quite wanted to do something drastic with your walls for a while now, but life gets in the way, and you might never have gotten around to it. Well, with lockdowns and reduced movement littering our ways of life, we’ve never had more time to dedicate to home maintenance. This is especially valuable with bolder colors, which need time and a steady hand to look their best. And, those are two focuses that you can certainly grant your efforts right now, making this something of a no-brainer. 

Forget going bold or going home, this is the year of going bold at home. So, stock up (safely) on the paint colors of your choice, and go crazy.