Creative flare is what life should be about. There’s so many times in our life where we have the chance to be creative, but instead we just don’t know how to use the vision in our minds. Sometimes, it might just be that you feel like you have no vision at all compared to other people. Do you ever get envious of how some people can throw together an outfit effortlessly, or make their home look like a show home without even trying it would seem? Well, join the queue. But instead of joining  the queue at the back, be one of the people who are trying to pick up their creative flare, and use it around the home. We want to try and guide you through this journey, because everyone deserves to live in a home with a little bit of creative flare. There are so many places that you can draw inspiration from, and there are so many new trends coming into fashion that you could try and use. So keep on reading, get your creative thinking hat on, and have a home with a bit more creative flare.

Where Can You Draw Inspiration From

It’s so important to have avenues to draw inspiration from when you don’t feel like you can create it on your own. As we said, some people just don’t have the same mindset as others, and it’s hard to string together home design when you don’t know what you’re doing. This design resource is one of the places that you can look for inspiration as to what you could put in your home. A page showing current and up to date furniture can often spark that creative flare in your mind, as you start imaging where it would go in your home. You can also think about looking at social media pages, because they usually have a ton on inspo that you can look at and draw something up from. Instagram pages in particular are full of interior designers trying to get their work noticed, from all over the world! You could pick bits that go out of a few different designs, and put them together in one room design to see what they would look like!

New Trends

There definitely are some new trends on the scene at the minute, and the leading one is neutral colours and tones. It’s not always about the furniture and accessories that you can put into your home, it’s about the colours and the way that you use them. Now, considering we’re coming up to the warmer months, it’s better to stick to those neutral colours that are going to set the tone for a relaxing night. Another trend that is sort of new, but has become more popular in the last month or so, is indoor plants. Indoor plants are such a great way to bring a bit of colour to the room, without making it feel overpowering. So this would be perfect if you were going to mix it with those neutral tones. It’s such a subtle and trendy look, keeps your home calm, and keeps you happy!

Mixing In Old Trends

There’s nothing wrong with bringing in old trends to spice your home up a little bit, and an old trend that we really feel is dying out at the minute, and isn’t being used as it should be, is art. Art is one of the best ways to add vibrance and character to your home, but only when you go to an art gallery and get professional piece. You can really make this work of art reflect your home, your personality, or just to bring something extra to a room that you feel is lacking a bit of life. Walking round an art gallery is actually a really good day out as well. When you have a chance to really take in the beauty of what you’re looking at, and how much effort goes into the beauty of art.

Simple Yet Bold

Finally, we really think that you should keep everything simple, but bold. Like with the art and the indoor plants, they’re simple additions that can make a bold statement around your home. You don’t need to clog the rooms up with a ton of different things to try and make it look good, you just need to go for the smaller items that you know people will actually recognise. The more simplistic a home looks, the more of a visual impact it’s going to have!

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