Why do most startups fail? As per the recent statistics, it is because they fail to develop products that people need. This means that creating a lovable product is as important as selling it. The bottom line is that customers will purchase your product if they’re attracted to it over and over again so make sure you mak your products more attractive.

Today, customers have become more curious and conscious of their needs. However, they’re also smarter and they take their time to evaluate all aspects before they make a final decision. Some key things that buyers consider include quality, cost, usage, convenience, savings, and security.

Here are 9 tips that will help you create a stand-out product and make your products more attractive:


Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, when you go shopping, the last thing you want is to spend time reading the prints and learning more about the product. People don’t have the time, which means they will opt for a different product packaged with a clearer and more concise message for them to decipher.

Better packaging suggests to your customers that you care about the product you want to sell to them. On the other hand, poor packaging tells your customers that you don’t care about the product and that you’re offering them a cheap alternative that isn’t worth their money.

Label Your Products

According to a recent survey, the average shopper has an attention span of approximately 8 to 12 seconds. Therefore, with more and more competitors offering similar products to yours, it’s crucial that you make your product more attractive and unique.

Consumers are always attracted by labels with bright colors and bold lettering. Therefore, you can use bigger custom foil stickers that make it easier for consumers to read quickly. The goal of your labels should be to grab the attention of your customers. This way, they will get hooked and be curious to learn more about it.

Avoid Generic Designs

Entrepreneurs aim to cut costs and maximize profits. Therefore, you may feel like a professional design will increase your business expenditure. However, you should see a professional design as an investment that will help scale your business.

According to Robert L. Underwood, the packaging design of any product is a form of communication to customers. This means that the design you choose will make the first impression on your customers and you will only have one chance to make a first good impression so you should make it count.

A generic design will tell your customers that what you’re selling is just like other products on the shelf. Therefore, if you have the desire to create a best-selling product, then you should avoid using free-to-download packaging images. Instead, ensure that the product shines on the shelves, and stands out from the crowd.

Choose the Right Color Theme

One of the attention-grabbing aspects of best-selling products is color. Different colors create different feelings and emotions in people. Therefore, when marketing your products, use colors that evoke the emotion or feeling you want to make the product more appealing to them.

For instance, using bright colors on the products your consumers want to use to evoke a somber feeling will make them feel like it’s not what they want. On the other hand, using dull colors on certain products that your customers don’t associate with a dull moment will push them away.

For products your customers enjoy using for joyful occasions, consider warm, bright, and cool colors. Such colors will make consumers more cheerful or leave them with feelings of fulfillment or inner peace.  For instance, most milk packages have white/blue or white/green packaging, and not black, grey, or brown.

White is associated with milk, while green is associated with the pasture. The blue color is associated with the sky or water surrounding the farm. These bright, warm, and cool colors evoke the desired feelings and take your customer’s mind to a familiar place. However, using a color like yellow or orange in your milk packaging will not create the same feelings and consumers will be less likely to make a purchase.

Consider the Packaging Size

Consumers expect you to provide products with a proper packaging design that offers protection and convenience for transportation and storage. Consumers will appreciate it more if you offer packaging that helps them to use or consume the product easily. This alone can attract more customers to purchase your product because they feel you think about them when designing the packaging.

While we often think bigger is better, in packaging it isn’t a good idea. Therefore, avoid packaging your products in oversized packages. Instead, be efficient and realistic with the design. Ideally, you should choose a design that will not only fit your product well but also not take up too much space on shelves.

Use Images

When designing your packaging, ensure that you make use of images. Rather than just using a few words to inform your customers what is inside the package, you can optimize images with a white background to describe the contents inside.

The adage “a picture is worth more than a thousand words” holds true in packaging design now more than ever. Apart from telling your customers the contents inside the package, the right image will also tell your customers what they should expect once they open the package. Therefore, while you can use several words to describe your product, a single image will do the job. You can find a large list with find free stock photo websites here.

Tell More About Your Product To Make Your Products More Attractive

There’s no doubt that the design of your product is a powerful tool. You can use the packaging design to tell your customers about your product’s story. This will help to boost the relationship with your customers and also give them a background of your company and what you stand for. Packaging is a good way to make your product more attractive fast! 

Avoid False Advertising

You have probably bought something in the past hoping that you will get exactly what was on the packaging. You were then shocked and unhappy when you opened the product later at home and found something different from what you were promised. Although false advertising worked to attract customers in the past, nowadays such a product will get banned from most stores.

Additionally, even if you make sales through this trickery, you will not become a leading brand. Instead, you will sink your product before it even gets to the shelves.

If you want to become a profitable and successful brand, you need to create regular and loyal clients who will come back to purchase your products, and also tell their friends and families about your products. Therefore, ensure that you honestly tell your customers what is inside the packaging. This will help you build a positive relationship that is based on trust.

Educate Your Customers

Most manufacturers forget to include detailed instructions on how to use the products they sell. While sometimes using a product may seem obvious, it is not always the case with new customers.

If you’re selling a product that isn’t already on the market, ensure that you educate your customers by including detailed information on how to unpack and how to use it. Even something that may seem basic like opening the product can negatively impact the customer’s experience when purchasing your product for the first time. Also think about using content marketing to educate your customers. 

Bottom Line To Make Your Products More Attractive

It is easy to start a business, but it takes continuous effort to run a successful business and to make your product more attractive. Understanding your customers’ needs and providing unique products that are well labeled and packaged will help to attract more customers. By following the above tips, you will not only cut costs in your production line, but you will also capture growth in no time.