Life changes for everyone as we grow older, but it’s more noticeable in our grandparents when things change. People grow older and become more vulnerable and they become weaker. With it, people are prone to all kinds of illnesses and conditions. Grandparents are also more accidents prone, and as sad as it is to see, we can be there for our grandparents as much as possible.

We don’t get to have our grandparents for very long, so to be able to help them and be there for them when they are at their most vulnerable is so important. It’s a privilege to give back to them and care for them the way that they once did for you. You may not be trained in dementia care, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be there for your grandparents to look after them. It may not be easy to remain calm and patient when caring for grandparents, but it’s something that you do because you love them. So, with that in mind, here are some tips for you for when you are looking after Nana!

If you notice your Nan having trouble with a task, don’t immediately take over.

Offer a hand and ask whether they need you to help. A lot of grandparents find it hard to ask for help, and they also often bite back instead of thanking you for your offer. It’s important to recognise that it’s not about you when this happens. A loss of independence is not always easy to stomach, and you have to remember this when you offer help.

Offer help with household chores

Household chores become harder over time, and grandparents are more feeble as they age. You can choose to call and pay for caring help to come in and do some chores for them each month, or you can offer your help to them as they need it.

Be there for them

Grandparents often get very lonely and it’s important that you are there for tem more than just to help them mop the floors. You can go to your grandparents for advice and they will feel like they are useful. They have been around in this world for a lot longer than you and they’ll know a thing or two about what you may be going through in life. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help. You will make them feel valued as a result.


You may notice that your grandparents tell you that they don’t need anything on birthdays and christmases, but they value things like flowers and photographs. More than that, you can also take them to see movies and to small breaks to the seaside so that they feel included in your plans. You will find that your grandparents will love practical gifts, too, in the sense of wheelchairs and walkers.

Keep checking in

Keep checking in on them even on the days you are not scheduled to be in to help.

Pop in for a chat and to help your grandparents with dinner or come by to tidy up and move the vacuum cleaner around.

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