It is the right of every individual to be in charge of their bodies. For women, especially, it can be a difficult topic to discuss. Empowering messages exist in all societies. 

“This is my body. I decide what I do with it.”

Being in control of your body is a no-brainer. In modern societies, it makes no doubt that women have as much say as men, even though there are still challenges and obstacles. On paper, we all understand that every woman is in charge of her body. However, it doesn’t mean that you can manage what your body does. While the mind knows what it wants, the body doesn’t always comply. It is a frequent observation when it comes to managing our weight, mood, or even complexion. But, one of the most difficult things to control for a woman is her fertility. You should be the one to decide when to have children. Yet, how many women face either an unexpected pregnancy or struggles to get pregnant? 

One crucial question: Are you ready for kids now?

Is there a right time to have children? It can be a tricky decision. However, it should never be a decision that is imposed on you and your body. That’s precisely why organisations such as Marie Stopes are dedicated to giving women (and men too) a say in the matter. The organization provides expert advice to individuals who want to have greater control over the fertility journey. You can reach out to find out more about temporary or permanent contraception solutions, for instance, as well as emergency contraception methods. You can also discuss your option with your doctor to figure out what works best for you. 

Understand that hormones play a huge role

What if you are ready to have kids, but you can’t get pregnant? We tend to have an overly simplified view of pregnancies. Having a baby is no walk in the park! If you are struggling to get pregnant, the first thing you want to check is whether you or your partner has fertility issues. However, more often than not, couples are found to have no such issue. Indeed, one of the most problematic and misunderstood factors in pregnancy is stress. Stress affects every aspect of your life. It can make it hard to rest at night. it can mess with your appetite and concentration. But the stress hormone also reduces your pregnancy success. 

Keep your period on track

Understanding your fertility cycle can also offer new insights into your health. More and more women are using fertility apps to track their ovulation cycle and a variety of symptoms that can appear along the way. The apps are versatile, as they can help couples get pregnant or help them avoid unwanted pregnancies. Additionally, you gain a better understanding of your personal biology, so that you can adjust your lifestyle to get your fertility under control. Food cravings, tenderness, and mood swings can all be indicators of the hormonal changes that occur during your cycle. The better you understand your body, the more control you can have over it. 

My body, my decision. Understanding the fertility journey and the available options can completely transform your relationship with your body. It takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and help to make your body yours. But it is a rewarding journey too!

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