We all know just how daunting it can be to start a new job with a different company. There are so many people to meet and get to know, and it can also take time to learn the ropes and figure out exactly how the business operates. So, it makes sense that most companies want to do everything they can to help their new hires settle in quickly. The quicker they get settled, then the better their quality of work will be right from the start.

It can be easy making your new employees feel welcome in your organization. Here are a few tips that you might want to use to ease their transition.

Set Up Their IT Before They Arrive

One of the first jobs you should do is set up any IT and tech they will need for work. It could be worth hiring a business IT support company to set up a new user on your computer network and wire up the computer for them to use. That way, you know that it will be quickly done and there won’t be any errors in setting things up for them. Then your new employee will be able to get started on some work straight from day one.

Give Them Onboarding Training

You should be giving training to all of your staff on a regular basis, no matter how long they have been with your company. However, it is essential that you offer some form of onboarding training to your new hires. This should give them some basic know-how about the company and will give them details on their day to day routine. Some of the onboarding should also focus on their specific role as well, so that they can quickly get settled into their usual tasks.

Introduce Them To The Key Players

It’s a good idea to give any new staff a quick tour of the office so they know where everything is. You should also show them where the managers work and give them a formal introduction. Be sure to personally introduce the new employees to anyone else who you may bump into on the tour. This helps them learn names quickly and gives them a head start when it comes to getting to know their coworkers.

Start Them Off Slowly

It can be tempting to throw new hires in at the deep end, but studies show that it’s better to start them off with small tasks. This won’t be too daunting for them and it gives them the chance to slowly get used to how things work in the office.

Offer Them A Mentor

Many business owners find that offering new employees a mentor can be really beneficial. You should pair up a new hire with someone who has worked for you for quite a while. The new hire then has a point of contact if they ever have any questions or queries.

If you do all of the above then your new hires should feel right at home straight away!

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