You might have thought about incorporating video into your small business? If you haven’t already done so then it’s worth considering now as videos provide a great way to connect with your audience. That’s especially true if they want a different option than reading articles and still photos. To get you started, here are ways to promote your organization as part of your marketing strategy.

Show the Physical Product

Video provides a powerful way to show what your product looks like, within and outside of its packaging. Help people visualize it so they understand what it is and can imagine how it feels.

Use Testimonials

Have you noticed more people lately using your products and services? If so, approach a few of them and ask if they are comfortable uploading videos that you can add to your website.

Video testimonials are a great alternative to written ones. They are genuine and can help you earn the trust of someone who has not previously purchased from you.

Create a Personal Experience

Another way to gain positive attention for your small business using videos is to let viewers into your work area or introduce them to your team. Providing this behind the scenes look can be a helpful way to connect with consumers who might not otherwise know anything about your organization.

Showing them your personal side can help you seem more “real” to them. If people remember you, which they are likely to do from a personalized video, then they are more likely to buy from your small business than a competitor in the future.

That’s because your company name will be the first one to come to their mind. Your brand is a memorable one, which is great.

You Don’t Need A Lot of Equipment

While you might think making a video involves buying a lot of equipment and will exceed your budget, that’s not the case. However, you will have to be creative to stand out from the competition.

Your iPhone or Android smartphone will work just fine when you’re starting out with videos. Over time, as your business grows, you can invest in other equipment, such as special lighting. But for right now your smartphone will do, and check around for free apps that are easy for video-making.

Make sure that you use a neutral background in your condo when you are doing product videos as you want the product to be the star. You might also invite your team over to your place to record a fun video of them together.

Create a YouTube channel, if you don’t already have one, to put the video on, and then share the link on Facebook and within a post on your blog. Get the word out that you are creating videos and enjoy reading the comments that people share online in response to it.

Use Video Regularly

Now that you have uploaded a video, don’t stop doing so! You’ll want to continue to create them as an additional way to connect with your target audience. Don’t lose the momentum.

Share them on YouTube, social media, your website, a blog, within guest posts, and elsewhere. The main thing is to get the word out about your brand and what your organization has to offer people.

Ask for feedback too on your videos. If you are shy, you might start with asking close friends and family. Then, join Facebook groups on marketing and business development to find out how other people are creating videos. Ask them if they can suggest ways to improve your videos, if you want their opinions.

People are often happy to share their experience and look like an expert in these online group settings. Not only can you gain valuable tips to improve your videos, but you will also network with other professionals and potentially make connections that can take your small business to the next level.

Concluding Thoughts on Using Videos

A final tip to get more eyes on your videos by using hashtags when sharing it with Twitter or another social media platform. Also clearly explain what the video is about when sharing it so that people are more likely to click on it.

Enjoy making the videos and even consider sharing a bloopers reel of silly mistakes you made while creating the footage. When you have fun creating it, people are more likely to connect with the genuine side of your small business. I look forward to growing your audience and having a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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