Facing the future is something we all have to do at some point; as much as we can listen to people insisting on living for the “now”, there is only so long one can do that. While living in the moment is liberating, continuing to do it is simply living on borrowed time, and you can enjoy being free and liberated right up to the point where all the choices involved in that come back on you, and leave you with nowhere to go.

While there is a lot of fun to be had by living for the now, eventually we need to consider what we are aiming for in the future. And if you have been dealing with things on the hoof for some time, the chances are that you run the risk of bringing some of your present-day problems with you into that future. As you prepare to embark upon the rest of your life, there is a case to be made for a fresh start. A new way of looking at everything in life, and a way of moving forward unencumbered by the past. 

So what does all of this mean? In practical terms, how do you begin to put in place a fresh start? What do you need to think about in order to create the future in which you can live with peace and tranquility? Well, every person will have their own views on that, but the following is a look at how you can wipe the slate clean in the most important areas of your life.

Personal life: Retain what you need, but don’t over-sentimentalize

The importance of cutting toxic people out of your life is something that has become a cliche in recent times. Of course, part of living a tranquil life is moving on from people who make life less tranquil, but the concept of “cutting out” is something of a dramatization of reality. You don’t need to stand in front of anyone, telling them that you’re moving on from them for your own good. Too often, this causes ripples that may not directly affect you but can have repercussions for those you love. 

In making a fresh start, you are inevitably going to retain some aspects of your existing life, and it is these that you should focus on. Think more about giving time to the people who will be a part of your new life; spending time with family you appreciate; reaching out to the friends who mean the most to you. Part of a fresh start is leaving the drama behind, so focus on building and strengthening the bonds that make life easier and happier.

Location: Consider whether you need a change of scene

It is often said that old habits die hard and, in the case of people who have recurring issues in life, part of the reason can be based in their location. People with drink and drug problems, for example, can find it difficult to break off with their past habits because they are constantly reminded of them by the places and faces they associate with the bad times. Similarly, if you have a relationship (or relationships) that you want to put in the past, this might be difficult if you’re living and working close to the places you used to go to.

A physical move away from your past isn’t something that everyone can reach for – sometimes family ties or other matters stop you from breaking completely. However, if it is possible, starting a new life in a new place can be a real liberation. You won’t need to worry about whether you have a history with any of your new neighbors, because you won’t know any of them. You can be confident of avoiding triggers from your past because you don’t have any associations with the shops, restaurants, and streets that you’ll be frequenting.

Also, moving to a new place tends to mean a deeper reset – not only will you be changing where you live, but the chances are that you’ll be taking up a new job, too. Depending on the extent of the move, you might even be switching to a new language – and that kind of change might be just what you need to extricate you from your past.

Financial matters: Face debt head-on, then move on

Debt is not something that we typically welcome. Often, we simply have to accept that some amount of borrowing is necessary to fund life’s essentials. Other times, we have already taken out some loans and some credit cards before we have had time to think about how we will accommodate the spending habits that they encourage. There are few of us who haven’t, at some stage, looked down the barrel of a quite substantial debt.

Having debt weighing you down will get in the way of everything else in life. Facing monthly repayments will cut deep into the money that comes in every month. You’re left with a choice – let it keep doing this, or pay off more of your debt each month – even if this means that you’re unable to maintain the quality of life that you’ve become accustomed to.

Alternatively, you could contact your creditors and seek to come to some kind of arrangement with regard to your debt. You can also seek the assistance of a bankruptcy trustee and see whether wiping the slate clean might involve a period of credit-free life. While many people see bankruptcy as a dirty word, the truth of the matter is that it needn’t affect you for too long; your credit rating will recover quicker than you had thought, and you’ll have a blank page on which to start your new life.

Health: Don’t ignore any “minor” issues

Finally, if you are going to make a fresh start in life it is essential that you seek a literal clean bill of health. It can be tempting to ignore minor issues and wait for them to go away, but it is not a sensible way to go through life. Any nagging pains you have, any recurring symptoms that you may consider to be “nothing” might well be as minor as you think they are. However, if you’re hoping to face the future with a sense of freedom, you’ll need to close off any niggling worries, and this can include health concerns.

Make an appointment with your doctor and speak clearly about anything that is troubling you. Chances are, they will be able to set your mind at ease and let you go about your business without any further questioning. There is also the possibility that there could be a cause for further investigation; if this is the case, then that should be pursued because you need to follow the trail to wherever it ends.

If this means that you have to undergo more extensive treatment, you can make decisions on that alongside any others about where your life is headed next. More importantly, it means your plans for a better future don’t need to be torpedoed before they have even been given the chance to get going.

Making a fresh start in life can be daunting, and will take a lot of planning, but it can be so worth it. Once you’ve changed things for the better, you can look forward to a new life that offers all of the benefits you deserve, whether you’re in a new place or just bringing a new outlook to your situation. Good luck!

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