We all feel happy when our cupboards are full of food. We have convenience, sustenance and pleasure in our home so our mood levels are elevated. However when they start to clear out and become empty, we know that it’s going to be a chore to fill them back up again. Why is it a chore? Well if you have a family the kids will want something different every time and you too, may have a change in tastes or a craving that you need to satisfy. You may spend an hour or so walking around the grocery store trying to find items that you like and even then it’s a case of whether or not you’re sticking to your budget. You want something but you can’t afford to go over your limit so you sacrifice other things. Then you have a conversation in your mind and convince yourself it’s okay to go over if it’s worth it and who can say no to a box of chocolates? So if you spend so much time shopping and thinking over what to buy and how your lifestyle is fitting into your groceries then why shouldn’t you be rewarded for it? How can you as a customer experience loyalty from your chosen food store?

Get with the program

Most stores now have cards that you can sign up to. These are incredibly simple. Sign up on their website or in the store, all that’s needed is your name and address. You’ll receive a card that you can collect points on and when you get enough points you get certain benefits such as discounts, vouchers and exclusive seasonal offers. However you should find out what constitutes a point, i.e. how much money is worth 1 point. Different stores have different values but the norm is 1 dollar is sufficient for 1 point. Next you should check how many points are required to access the benefits or be rewarded for your loyalty. Does $100 worth of shopping seem like that’s worth a voucher for $2? Absolutely not, so you should see which brand gives you the best bang for buck.

Being in the know

With the rise of smartphones being implemented into the shopping experience, there are a few ways you can experience some benefits to using certain apps. Many stores also have a swipe features whereby if you open their app and have profile with them you can scan at the cashier unit and be rewarded for using the app and collecting points. However, other apps like Ibotta have all kinds deals and discounts that are great for using at your weekly grocery shop. For example you may want to use the 5% Walmart cash back coupon the next time you go shopping. You might want to use the discount coupon for a certain item and brand such as an orange juice drink. If this product is sold in any store that is signed up to the coupon scheme then you can use it with them too.

Shopping for the whole family can be a chore and it can also be a time to save money and be rewarded for your loyalty. Take advantage of the store schemes that collect points and then give you back discounts.

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