Do you rely too heavily on greys and blacks? Whilst these shades go well with any other colour, you don’t want to rely too heavily on these gothic hues (unless being a goth girl is what you’re after). Your fashion sense could come across as too severe or plain dull without any bright or vibrant clothes to liven it up. Here’s how you can brighten up your fashion sense (without going overboard).

Make white your base colour

Most people use black as their base colour when dressing up. This could include black leggings or a black plain tee. Instead, try opting for a white t-shirt or white crop pants. Yes, white stains easily, but it will immediately brighten up your look. Retailers like Ruby Rd’s ladies apparel offer some great versatile clothing for using with a white base. Even black and grey layers won’t come across as cold on a white base layer.

Feel the winter blues

Winter is often a time to embrace blacks and greys – these cooler colours match the season well. However, you don’t have to abandon colour altogether. Blues can still look great in the winter and be great for brightening up your appearance. Make this the time to embrace denim whether it be jeans or a blue denim jacket. Blue sweaters and cardigans as available from Damart’s winter range can also bring your wardrobe to life.

Go all out in summer

Summer is the time to really make use of those deep reds, baby blues, neon greens and sunny yellows. Of course, you don’t want to mix all these together – sticking to one of these colours with a white or black base layer can be enough of a bold look in most cases. You can also learn to compliment colours. This involves matching to hues that sit opposite one another on the colour spectrum wheel. Blue for example goes well with orange, although you may want to still intersperse some white or black in there.

Compliment your eyes with a colour pop

You might still be able to get away with dressing all in black and grey by adding a pop of colour. This could be something as simple as you shoes or a scarf. Certain colours may be able to bring out your eyes and feel all the more impactful. You can use the same colour as your eyes or use a complimentary colour. For example, if you have baby blue eyes, a baby blue handbag or an orange scarf could do the trick.

Use colour psychology

Colours can also have a psychological impact on the people around us. Blacks and greys are often safe colours in most situations whether it be a job interview or a first date or funeral. They create a sense of credibility and confidence. However, for creating a sense of warmth and friendliness, these colours aren’t as ideal. Black is a great colour when meeting people for the first time or in a job where you want to be perceived as serious. If you’re trying to project a sense of fun and comfort, you might be better off trying some warmer colours like orange, bright green or yellow. Red is passionate, sexy and authoritative – but it can also be seen as arrogant and aggressive in some contexts. Blue meanwhile is calming and more placid.  


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