Hello Monday! I absolutely love Mondays, so it’s time for another insight how last week was for me personally, and business-wise. In my weekly photo diaries, I share my thoughts, experiences and behind the scenes of my life and business.

I invite you to read my personal diary here, it was a slow but very entertaining week where I learned some things about myself! Here is an excerpt: 

I’m thinking about rebranding/relaunching/restarting my business and what I truly love to do. I know I love photography, writing, and content strategies, so I just need to find a way to combine that all and that it makes sense. 

I often come back to blogging – I think it’s what combines all my passions and working without a boss brings endlessly freedom.

On Tuesday I received the long-awaited call – I mean email – the job wasn’t going through, which left me devastated because I had set my sights on it. All I can do for the day is bullet journal, think of new goals and how to reach them and working out to stay productive at some level and so it’s not a complete ‘wasted’ day. I never get used to being rejected, even that I’m almost rejected on a weekly basis when I pitch for new sponsors and collaborations. I should really work on that but I don’t know where to start. Journaling works for me and using oracle cards for some guidance and positivity.

This was the start of Mercury Retrograde for me. I decided to turn my luck and take action instead of being all sad before things get worse. With Mercury Retrograde I decided to backup my blog via FTP and download the database. Just to be sure. This took me three days… first, it failed because my iMac shut off after inactivity. So I decided to turn on a Youtube video of 12 hours with the sound off, just so my computer stayed on. It still took two full days to complete the backup… wow. 

On Wednesday it was a new day that started out happy and it was voting day to vote my local politics. I always enjoy voting days, and I can never forgive someone that doesn’t vote. I still think it’s such a privilege that I’m allowed to vote, as a woman, as a person living in the free world. You can even vote ‘blank’ if you don’t go with a party, but not going at all is to me a no-go.

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