Did you know that you can save $150 a month if you skip your daily coffee to-go? As I’m in the market for moving houses and want to travel all the time, I became really conscious about spending money and I’m doing research on coffee machines. I realize, if I spend $1000 for a super great coffee machine, I can save so much money in the future!

Are you ready to skip your daily coffee to-go and grow your business at the same time?

Here are 8 business and blog boosts that cost 3x less than your daily fancy coffee to-go

1. Invest in this software that instantly boosts your website conversions ($29)

Proof is literally the best investment you can do when you sell things like ebooks and courses. It gives social proof by showing a tiny pop-up down the screen with ‘this person just purchased this product’. The easiest way to sell more!


2. Invest in this software and combine your membership site, online courses and email marketing all under one roof ($39)

What if that new software could combine your digital download delivery, the platform you sell your courses, ebooks and digital products on, your membership site and your email marketing?
You’d say wow, won’t you? That’s what this new software does, I recently discovered it and I’m in shock.

You can easily customize it to your own site, as it’s 100% white-labeled. No more ugly forwards and change of design. Payments go straight to the creator’s (that’s you!) PayPal or Stripe account, with no transaction fees. That means a seamless course/membership sitve/content delivery and email marketing strategy. And all under 1 digital storefront. How nice. It’s less than $40 a month, can you believe it?

It can replace Gumroad, Thinkific, TeachableConvertkit, Udemy, AND Clickfunnels. You’ll save at least $100 a month if you use all.


3. Use this software to create high converting carts and upsells to your sales ($ 10)

Create high converting carts and upsells to boost sales. Set up checkout pages and one-click upsells specifically designed for marketers. Easily add bump offers, recurring payments, one-click upsells and more in seconds.


4. Perfect and automate your funnel process with this software ($97)

Click Funnels is a platform that allows you to create and configure a wide range of lead pages. These are professionally created themes that you can configure and help you make more sales. It’s great, I just got aboard!


5. Be consistent: auto post to Instagram and Pinterest with this software ($15)

Tailwind is an official Pinterest partner, which Boardbooster isn’t. Move your strategy to Tailwind, because you can start for free today, and quickly reach millions of views thanks to Tailwind Tribes. Tribes is a tool that enables you to meet and grow with other bloggers, just like you! I wrote a guide to Tailwind Tribes and how to easily reach millions of people.


6. Invest in your PR and Free Publicity strategy by taking this course ($47)

Enroll in my PR & Free Publicity Crash course here


7. Take your email marketing and content delivery to a pro-level with this software ($29)

Email marketing for bloggers. Drip content, set automations up, track URL’s and run your automated content upgrade delivery and email courses via Convertkit. Get the automations and email marketing tools you need to grow your blog and business. Join 13000+ bloggers and try ConvertKit today. I personally use Convertkit for my weekly blog newsletter and love it!


8. Take this course challenge to learn different strategies to earn more money ($47)

Course challenge to earn an extra $5000 in 3 weeks gives you a daily challenge to make the most out of your business in just 21-days. It all started when I wanted to earn an extra $5000 quickly. Now the course is a marketing strategy course challenge that has helped many bloggers and business owners earn extra money.



10 marketing boosts that cost less than your daily fancy coffee to-go (1)10 marketing boosts that cost less than your daily coffee to-go

10 marketing investments for your mom business that cost less than your daily coffee to-go

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