If this is the year you really want to go for it and earn more money, there are numerous things you can try. You won’t ever get rich swapping your time for money or in a soul destroying 9-5 job, so read on for some suggestions that could help you to boost your income.

Become A Consultant

If you have valuable knowledge around a certain subject and even qualifications to back it up, you could become an effective consultant, giving people advice when they need it. Don’t forget to get public liability insurance, as you could get in trouble if the advice you give out backfries! 

Get Paid For A Hobby You Love

Make a list of the hobbies that you love and then do some research to see if you can get paid for them. You can get paid to read and review books these days, for example. You can make some extra money with your camera if you know your way around it quite enough. You could take pictures of others, or even add pictures you take to online sites to allow others to use them. 

Become An Affiliate 

Becoming an affiliate can be a fairly passive way to make money, meaning you don’t have to swap a lot of your time. Try a title loan affiliate program where you can get payouts of up to $330 per funded title loan, like in this program. You could even become an affiliate by creating a blog and recommending services and products you use and like, and this way you will make a commission. Make sure you encourage your readers to use your link so that you get the commision – let them know that it’s what you want them to do and why. Don’t be sneaky about it – you have to be open about these things these days. Let them know that for the valuable information you provide, you would appreciate it if they used your link at no extra cost to them. 

Create Valuable Videos 

If you have a lot to say and a personality that will translate well on camera, create valuable videos and post them to your YouTube channel. This can take a lot of learning – you’ll need to figure out how to edit a video and set up so that it looks good. You’ll also need to figure out some valuable topics to talk about that isn’t simply rehashing old topics again and again. However, when you’re consistent, you can make a decent amount of money from your endeavours. 

Write Multiple Ebooks on A Niche Subject

Another way you can translate your knowledge into cash: eBooks. If the subject is niche, that’s even better. Ebooks are ever popular, and you can write multiple so that you’re making money while you sleep. However, you will need to think about marketing them! 

Try Margin Trading

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard about the massive income that could be made from cryptocurrencies. Margin trading is something that is growing in popularity among people that trade in cryptocurrencies. 

Margin trading with cryptocurrency lets users borrow money against what they currently have so that they can trade cryptocurrency. You will generally pay interest on the money that you borrow. 

For example, if you were to put down $20 and leverage at a ratio of 4:1, to borrow $60 to buy $80 worth of cryptocurrency, then you’d have to pay back that $60 plus interest no matter what happens. Whatever profits you make on the trade, you keep. 

Which of these money-making ideas will you try in 2020? Leave your thoughts and any tips of your own below. 


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