A happy workplace is a more productive workplace. Whatever line of business you are in, you need to keep your team on-side and motivated. The more you can do to incentivise them, the better. There are of course many ways that you can make your team happier, either through making the workplace a more appealing place to spend time or by offering up incentives that reward your staff. 

Getting to know your team and understanding what makes them tick is going to be an important step on your journey to motivate them. With everyone motivated by different things, you will, of course, need to try and cover as many bases as possible. 

Make The Workplace Safe And Comfortable

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs, the fundamental aspects required in order for a person to thrive are related to their physiological and safety needs. This means making sure that you create a pleasant workplace that is both physically safe and does not cause displeasure. 

If you expect your team to work in unbearable and uncomfortable conditions, the last thing they are going to do is to succeed. If the temperature that they will be working in will be either far too cold or too hot, then they will spend more time dealing with the effects of the climate that they are expected to spend their days in. 

Making sure that you have adequate heating or air conditioning installation within your premises is vital.

The workplace also needs to feel safe secure. If your staff feel threatened in any way, either by physical danger, or a threat of violence, then they will feel afraid to work. 

Offer Incentives

While you reward your team with pay for the job that they do, you need to make sure that you offer additional incentives too. By providing additional incentives, you will be able to encourage your team to exceed expectations and reach for a higher level. 

If you link your incentives with targets, you may find that your team become more creative and find ways of really maximizing their potential. 

Create A Constructive Positive Workplace

Making sure that your team are happy within the workplace is important. You can do this by fostering a positive attitude and encouraging communication between all employees.

Provide regular constructive feedback sessions, where praise is freely given. Building up the confidence of your team will help them thrive as individuals. Also, use appraisals to find out how you can support your employees in their progression within your company.  

If you treat everyone with respect and as equals, you will find that whatever level the employee, they will start to become more empowered to work toward the goals of the whole business. 

Taking a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and discrimination will help your employees to feel safe. Working for a company that is accepting of others is often high on people’s lists when it comes to finding a place they will feel the happiest working.

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