So, this post is long due…. I have been in the search for a new house for months now, I started when I was still traveling but unfortunately, the housing market is not great atm. But that doesn’t hold me back from sharing everything with you!

The past couple of years I’ve lived anywhere and nowhere. From villas, hostels, country cottages, and hostels – it’s been a wild ride and I’m looking forward to settling down and spending more time in my hometown, Amsterdam.

Why I’m moving back home after years of traveling

I’m looking forward to picking up old friendships, hosting the people that were so generous to host me when I was traveling, to share my cooking skills while hosting dinner parties and so much more!

For me, after years of traveling an even more years before that of searching for the right place, there’s something magical in having your own pace.

To not meet new people all the time to only say a hot minute later goodbye again. To build my business in an active way instead of the automated way I ran it while traveling. To practice my love of decorating once an for al (I always wanted to be an interior designer when I was younger!).

Why I’m changing the content on my blog a little bit

It’s only small addition: lifestyle and interior. Because this blog is all about sharing what I’m up to and documenting my life while helping you it would feel weird to leave it out at all.

I want to share my lists: things I need to do, things I’m looking forward to buying etc., just like I did when I started full-time traveling!

What you can expect

A whole lot more lifestyle content! From interior and my actual documentation of things like house viewings and things about hosting friends and decorating!

I’m so excited for the future!

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