Let me tell you since I’m a spiritual junkie, I’m all about getting the right tools and spiritual must-haves to ‘play around’ with my passion. There are many things that make great zen must have gifts for people that want to be more spiritual but also, they make great presents for yourself when you need a little pick-me-up.

Whenever I’m down myself, I get back to this list and get something from the list, even if it’s just a little crystal that helps me overcome the reason why I’m down.

But there are so many more great things every spiritual junkie needs, so here’s the beginner’s list!

Side-note: If you’re looking for a gift, make sure you purchase something that’s high-quality. That means, there will probably be cheaper products available but no spiritual person is gonna be happy if they get something with bad energy or that’s made from something that’s not natural. 

Spiritual gift guide + zen must-haves for the spiritual junkie Positive energy gifts

Positive Energy Gifts:

I love me some zen must haves to bring me peace. Let’s start with the no #1 way to get calm and zen: Sage. We loooove sage, and the more the better because we’ll burn it on demand! I personally love these incense Sage sticks to burn almost on a daily basis, but also have a complete sage kit for more serious moments haha.

Newbies need a smudge kit to get started. Usually, a smudge kit includes an abalone shell, a wooden tripod, and white sage wands.

Some smudge kit’s come with crystals as well, for the chakra and positive energy. You can also get a sage spray!

Crystals can’t be missed if you’re looking for positive energy, and I absolutely adore them! There are SO many different crystals, so I recommend getting the Crystal Bible first, and then read what kind of crystals are suitable for the person you’re gifting as every crystal has different energy and healing power.

Good starter crystals (or crystals we can never get enough from) are AmethystClear Quartz and Rose Quartz).

If you’re looking for new crystals for yourself, I recommend going to a crystal store and seeing what crystal attracts you, as that’s the one you need in your life right then.

Everybody loves essential oils and an aromatherapy diffuser makes the perfect gift! I recommend Doterra for oils.

Himalaya salt lamps make great gifts because we all love them! They clear the air and bring positive energy and calm light, make sure you get one that’s actually made from Himalayan salt (yes really, there are fake ones out there!) and with a wooden base.

Spiritual gift guide + zen must-haves for the spiritual junkie Positive energy gifts zen meditation gifts

Zen Must Haves & Meditation Gifts:

Singing Bowls. High on my personal wishlist, singing bowls to meditate, change vibrations and energy and use to calm down. There are different sounds of sizes but if you’re gifting someone a Tibetan singing bowl, make sure it’s complete and high quality. That means it comes with the bowl, a special drumstick, and a cushion.

Apple Airpods headphones. These are crucial for my meditation, as they’re wireless and help me focus on my meditation if I’m using a guided meditation or background music. Nobody wants to deal with cords, so the wireless headphones are perfect.

Meditation pillows. This is a well-known meditation pillow in the yoga community and it’s because you can sit for hours on end on the floor without feeling discomfort. Cork yoga blocks can also be used for the same purposes.

Meditation beads are often used in bracelets and are pretty good gifts for that special person.

Spiritual gift guide + zen must-haves for the spiritual junkie Positive energy gifts zen meditation books and gifts

Books & Cards, the Ultimate Spiritual Must Haves

I love receiving some guidance from oracle cards, or simply, affirmation cards. A few of my favorite decks and spiritual books that are zen must haves:

The Magical Unicorn deck is my favorite deck! No woo-woo or difficult rituals, just ask a question or for guidance and they’ll give it to you 😉

You Can Heal Your Life is Louise Hay’s bestselling book, that never disappoints. It’s one of those gifts you give, and people will re-read the book over and over again.

The two ‘Law Of Attraction’ bibles: The Secret and Ask and it is given.

I also love the affirmation decks Money and The Law Of Attraction and Health and the Law of Attraction both by Abraham Hicks, love the design and the words, just beautiful and a great gift for a friend or yourself!

Other great decks are the Universe Has Your Back deck by Gabby Bernstein (that’s also a book!) and Crystal Angels Deck to accompany crystals.

Last but not least, I recommend gifting the moon journal, as we love to live by the moon. It includes the different moon phases and rituals for new moon/full moon.

Moonology dives a little bit deeper in the moon circles and the rituals, it’s great to work with both books.

Spiritual gift guide + zen must-haves for the spiritual junkie

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