I’m so happy summer is almost here! It always reminds me of when I used to live in Australia, where the sun was always out, even in winter.

And this past weekend I incredibly missed the land of oz, and it got me thinking. What exactly do I miss so much? Was it the weather? The people? The food? Nope. It was the life I lived. I’d always be outdoors. I would hike every weekend and as often as I could. And I would still see my friends and eat out, go out and work at the same time. How did I do that? I think it was because I was active so much without calling it ‘sports’. I mean, hiking and walking 30 km’s a day isn’t sport, but it’s being active right? And I often combined it with going to the beach. Oh gosh, I do miss the beaches! Want to see a few photos from my daily beach walks (and snacks + book breaks of course).

So I decided to try to live my Australian life in Amsterdam because that’s my home now and has always been my true home. So let’s make it my fave right?

My Australian beach routine in Amsterdam

So it was a Sunday morning and I made snacks. Snacks for my ‘long walk’ towards the beach. City beach that is because Amsterdam doesn’t have a beach. It would be a 50-minute walk, which is kinda medium but alright, gotta start somewhere. After the snacks it was time for my coffee to go, packing my bag and off I go right? Nope, I had to do one more thing, which was; putting on some sunscreen on my face. It’s been the old age problem: make-up or sunscreen first? I’m using organic face cream which doesn’t have an SPF in it. So I have to put on sunscreen and luckily for me, Vichy has one that doesn’t stick(iek), doesn’t smell like sunscreen, doesn’t leave you all white and the best thing… you can put it on after your make-up. It’s a face mist and it’s perfect, I’m so happy I discovered it.

Capital Soleil Beach Protect Anti-dehydration Spray

The spray is called the Capital Soleil Beach Protect Anti-Dehydration Spray SPF 30 and is powered by very high broad-spectrum UV filters, resistant to factors that affect sun protection at the beach including salt and chlorine. But, as I said before, I don’t have SPF in my daily moisturizer so I now keep the spray next to the door and when I go out, I spray some on.

It doesn’t leave stains on your clothes or white marks on your face. It just leaves your face hydrated and ready to survive any chlorine or salts you come across. And that’s what I needed in Australia, when I needed to walk the beach to go to wherever because I was leaving in a beach view house.

It’s available now in the nearest drugstore!

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