My one holy hobby, the one hobby I will never make a work related thing is, films. I love films so much, I think It’s safe to say that I should have made up the term ‘binge watching’ somewhere in the ’90s. I watch both movies and tv series, and another way to discover them than going to cinemas and watch TV is Netflix. I often browse around in their library, just to see what’s on ‘show’. But what if you’ve already seen anything on your local Netflix offer? Yep, you move on to the next streaming option. If you wanna do that legally, you have a couple of options. My favourite is Sundance’s Now Doc Club. I’ve been saying for years -and I still stand behind my opinion- that almost all good movies I watch (I mean all my favourite movies!), are selected and often nominated and awarded by Sundance Festival. On the website you can watch documentaries only, but that doesn’t make it less interesting. Especially watch Laura Poitras’ doc’s, they are very interesting.

7 legal netflix alternatives

Hereby 4 Netflix alternatives I’d recommend, so grab your popcorn and pick your favourite.

  • Mubi. Hand picked art house films. I usually use this website for art house film inspiration, because I also have a unlimited art house cinema entrance pass, but it’s great if there’s no art house cinema near you!
  • SundanceNow Doc Club. I talked about this one before. Check it out if you love documentaries.
  • Crunchyroll. This is Asian. And shows a. lot. of. anime. Great source to discover new anime, because they have one amazing archive.
  • Hulu Plus. Hulu is a joint venture between some TV networks (Fox, ABC, NBC) all hoping to take control of how you watch shows once they get to the Web. Recently Fox canceled my current favourite tv show The Mindy Project. But really quick after that announcement Hulu announced they would stream the new season… so yaaay for Hulu! Unfortunately you can’t watch it in a lot of places in the world, that’s that controlling thing again, but if you can… enjoy!

And for the Dutchies 3 Dutch options:

Oh, and of course I’m very well aware of all the free internet options regarding streaming illegal, but I do want new movies. So I don’t mind to support the industry so they can continue to make great movies.