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Popcorn Time: CITIZENFOUR the Edward Snowden documentary by Laura Poitras


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I can’t describe how happy I felt after I noticed that Laura Poitras is coming to Amsterdam for a Q&A after the screening of her new film CITIZENFOUR. And the sadness when I noticed that it was already SOLD OUT. 🙁
But I’m still craaazy curious about the film and can’t wait for when it hits the web. (If I can’t see it legally I’ll go illegal – sorry)

CITIZENFOUR is a real-life thriller, unfolding by the minute, giving audiences unprecedented access to filmmaker Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald’s encounters with Edward Snowden in Hong Kong, as he hands over classified documents providing evidence of mass indiscriminate and illegal invasions of privacy by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Poitras had already been working on a film about surveillance for two years when Snowden contacted her, using the name “CITIZENFOUR,” in January 2013.

He reached out to her because he knew she had long been a target of government surveillance, stopped at airports numerous times, and had refused to be intimidated. When Snowden revealed he was a high-level analyst driven to expose the massive surveillance of Americans by the NSA, Poitras persuaded him to let her film.


CITIZENFOUR places you in the room with Poitras, Greenwald, and Snowden as they attempt to manage the media storm raging outside, forced to make quick decisions that will impact their lives and all of those around them.

CITIZENFOUR not only shows you the dangers of government surveillance—it makes you feel them. After seeing the film, you will never think the same way about your phone, email, credit card, web browser, or profile, ever again.

The good thing about me missing this screening? I already read the book by Glenn Greenwald, and he describes the first days after Snowden’s coming out too. But hey, beyond sad. I was looking forward to this documentary for ages. Cry. My life will never be the same because of missing the screening and Q&A 🙁

Such a personal drama!

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