Whilst profit margins and the basics of daily operations may completely swamp up your time as the employer of a small company or a large enterprise, the importance of maintaining clever security procedures and safeguarding what your business has already built is of self-evident importance.

There’s no denying that you want to keep your company safe from threats external or internal and accidental or purposeful, but there’s every chance that your business isn’t yet doing enough to protect itself from vulnerabilities. If you’re wondering what more you could be doing to keep your company secure, here are some tips for ways to improve your line of defense.

Secure the office

This one is quite self-explanatory, but securing your business’ work premises should be priority number one on the list of ways to keep your company and all its precious data safe from damage or theft. Whilst locked doors and a security card system for your employees are both safe ways to ensure that only verified people can enter the premises during the day, an opportunistic person will find a way to vandalize or break into any office outside of work hours.

That’s why, after the first line of defense, you should have an alarm system and a network of CCTV cameras. Of course, in most cases, cameras will be enough to deter a criminal from continuing with their act of theft or vandalism, as they won’t want to be caught on camera. Obviously, if they do continue, then you’ll be making it easy for the authorities to resolve such a situation, as the faces of anyone involved will have been recorded.

Ensure all software is up to scratch

A secure business needs more than secure doors, because the modern day business exists in a virtual as well as a physical sense. If you’re not securing your technology and access to said technology through the internet, then you might as well leave the front door open to your office. You could consider a company such as QASymphony to help test your software and ensure all is working as it should be. You need to ensure that all software the company uses is legitimate and resistant to any external threats.

Of course, alongside this, all employees should be trained in using such software and avoiding typical scams on the internet. Phishing emails and other such scams are great ways to criminals to use naive employees as a way to piggyback into a business’ internal system and gain access to valuable data. Teach your employees how to spot such threats and not put the business at risk.

Backup data

Continuing on the thread of technology and it’s ever-present importance in business, you should be ensuring that your business’ data is backed up on more than just the company’s own servers. If there were a break-in to the office, as mentioned earlier, the response time of the police or any security protocols you have in place might be too slow to avoid any damage. If that happens, you don’t want all your eggs to be in one basket, as it were. Using an off-site cloud server as a backup for all your business’ files is a smart way to protect yourself in such an event. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to securing your business.

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