Hey you, blogger or creative entrepreneur, is your business ready for the next level? My new free email course is here!One of the things I want the most with N/M is inspiring others and helping them reclaim their freedom. Because freedom gives you time to do what you really love. For me, that’s traveling, watching movies and working on my blog/biz instead of working for a large company. What is it for you? I’m really curious because freedom is probably one of the reasons why you’ve started a blog or business right?


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For me it was THE reason to work for myself and towards my dreams! A huge game changer for the growth of my business was pitching right instead of pitching a lot. Yes, sure, you can pitch to ever possible company but it’s more effective with the right email to the right company. And believe me, I have a lot of excel sheets of years full pitching, with a lot of the names marked with red, as in never answered or not interested. At least I kept a record, right? I did something right, but waaay before I got into PR I didn’t have a clue about pitching.

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That’s why I created this free email course because now I know. To help you pitch right and get that job, assignment or press mentions like you deserve!

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Why you need press attention for yor blog and business
More press attention. More sales that take less time. More followers. More fun + freedom. (1)