If you’ve been on the fence it’s time to get started with PR & free publicity to promote your business. If you want to learn more about PR & Free Publicity head over to The Ultimate Guide To PR & Free Publicity to get started with your strategy today. But first, read why you should use PR & free publicity as your #1 business promotion tool.

Here’s why you should fall in love with Free Publicity

  • It will help grow your biz or blog in the most authentic way: it’s basically one of the authorities in your niche endorsing you.
  • It’s super easy and yes, you can totally do it on your laptop! It takes some balls to send cold e-mail, you’ll need some knowledge about what to e-mail and to whom and some time investments to follow up and keep track of your pitches.

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  • First off, PR is super diverse – it’ll never get bored. Is it free publicity, socializing, pitching, writing or strategy that you love? PR is your thing!
  • Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’re here to stay. The more often you pitch and the more relationships you build, the easier it gets.
  • It feels like you’re doing something useful, for mankind. Okay, okay, you’re probably not fixing the real world problems like poverty, war or terrorism, but at least you’ll feel a little bit more important if your biz or blog is featured in a national or international media title. It’s like you’re playing in the big field, and that’s a pretty awesome feeling.
  • You’ll see immediate results. And that’s one of the few things I really need in my biz, see some clear results, to not get sane. I often ask myself WHY am I doing this? I can write forever but work never stops, the online world wants more blogs and more blogs so I keep on writing and writing without a clear stop. With no weekends off, I have no really big results to celebrate.. except for my press mentions! If I’m featured in the media it’s an immediate result of my efforts and hard work and I LOVE IT! It’ll give you the rush and motivation to work harder.
  • And do you love to tell stories? I do! And in PR it’s one of the things you do all day; you reach out to people to tell your story. Storytelling is hot! As a blogger, I love (visual) storytelling, and as it’s one of the strategies used in PR, it’s something everybody should do! Tell your story, tell others’ story and have people fall in love with you!
  • Are you a solopreneur? Start PR and you’ll get tons of new ‘colleagues’. I know, being a solopreneur can be lonely, especially if you work behind a computer all day. My solution? Stay in touch with journalists and PR companies, hustle new collaborations and benefit from the results. Win-win!

If you wanna start with PR, make sure your business or blog is ready, download the checklist here:

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