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Writing about self-improvement as a freelancer for many years, I’ve spoken a lot of editors about this topic and I must admit, there are a lot of myths around productivity. And it’s sad, because all these myths hold you back bringing the best out of you. Don’t let these myths hold you back and break the cycle now!

Top productivity myths

#1 There is one formula that works for everybody.

Nope. This is a big mistake, because many people will try to force themselves into someone else’s routine but it just doesn’t work like that. I thought for a very long time that I could compare my own productivity to someone else’s, for example, my a classmate’s. Years back, when I didn’t know how I work best, I thought I was like most people I knew at the time. But along the way I found out I can’t concentrate with music in the background and my best friend at the time could. We quickly solved that by not learning together for exams anymore but doing other school related stuff together. I’m also more productive if I plan everything in one day, one massive get it done day, and if I plan a relax day before or after. But some people like to work half days or only a few hours every day, but I can’t do that. The only way to find out what works for you is trial and error. My productivity worksheet might help you find your focus. 

Productivity planners by Noni May for Wanderlust and Company.

#2 You have too much to do.

Everybody is busy. And when you’re busy, you might want to do too much or you’re not working productively. So stop the ‘being busy’ thoughts. Seriously, I hate it – people use it as an excuse for everything these days. But everybody is busy! Stop thinking that you’re so, and you’ll feel better already. Focus on the positive instead of the negative and you’ll find yourself working more productively and focused.

#3 I’m too busy for a good system, to take the time to rethink my processes and to organize my life.

Oh come on, for real? I promise, if you invest time in your process and organization, you’re gonna win that time back tripled within a few days! I know it’s hard to clear your schedule to work on your systems, but the sooner you start, the better. Set up your automated e-mails (slash sales funnel slash newsletters slash e-course), write canned emails, teach your assistant how you work and where to find everything, schedule your social media and automate your process.

#4 If you procrastinate a little bit longer, you’ll find motivation

Uhm sure, you work better with more pressure anyways so let’s procrastinate a little bit longer. Netflix marathon, decluttering your house or finally catching up with everybody in your address book. This is probably the most common excuse to procrastinate a little bit more and never start doing the things you should do. It makes you feel horrible, admit it. I know it does. Because there’s something in the back of your head all the time. Imagine living life without that little to do list in the back of your mind… it’s a whole lotta better! Feeling overwhelmed? My overwhelmed workbook might help you get things done!

#5 Multitasking to get more done.

You probably know – when you try to do it all, you accomplish nothing. Focus, focus, focus. Ever heard of the pomodoro technique? It’s my favorite method to focus on 1 thing and get that done asap. Here is how it works: you set a timer for 25-minutes, work on one task really hard, and when the timer goes off, you’re done. You take a short break and after that it’s pomodoro time again. After 4 ‘Pomodoro’s’ of 25-minutes it’s time to take a longer break. There is also a book, but I never read it, it’s just the idea of setting a timer and working really focused and hard on something that works for me. I recently wrote an article about how your body works best and how to use it for your productivity. If you read that article, you’ll find out it might be better to work 90-minutes on one task, and I do think it’s a bit more realistic for most of us, because most tasks take longer than 25- minutes.

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