One sure-fire to work your way up the corporate ladder is to improve your skillset. Businesses don’t hand out promotions and they only pick the best of the best. Before you can claim the title, you need to prove you are a strong and consistent performer in the office. As soon as you can, you will find that your career options improve markedly. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few places that I think will make a difference.

| Extracurricular Work Activities | 

Have you noticed that the ones that succeed at work are the ones that work longer hours? They don’t believe in nine to five because it limits their ability to complete tasks (also read: Productivity and time-management myths that hold you back). It isn’t a coincidence that these employees are the ones that get a lift up the promotion ladder. For one thing, they stand out above the rest of the crowd. The people that are willing to work for the cause are the ones that the hierarchy can trust with better roles. Just as important is the fact that they learn more about the role. Reading up on a subject or attending a course with are educational. And, knowledge is power.

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| Focus On Your Strengths | 

What sets you apart from the rest of your coworkers? Don’t say ‘nothing’ as that isn’t true. Everyone has abilities that their coworkers don’t. It is the reason employers pick you in the first place. Your strengths should be the foundation of your career. If you are the best in that area, you will be the go-to person. And, if that area is a well-paid, high-up role, you will be first in line. Think about what you do at work and analyze why you are successful. Is it your organization, what about your natural flair for numbers? Whatever it is, focus in on it and try and improve even further.

| Focus On Your Weaknesses | 

Some people think that you should only focus on your strengths. But, that means you are only one dimensional, and one dimensional isn’t good. Employers want workers that can do a variety of things at a moment’s notice. Then, they can entrust them with more responsibility. Plus, they save a fortune on the wage bill. By focusing on your weaknesses, you will become three dimensional as opposed to one. You might not be the go-to person, but you will be capable of completing tasks without much fuss. That is the least that most firms want from their senior staff.

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| Statistical Analysis | 

It is hard to dissect your strengths and your weaknesses as the person in question. Few people feel comfortable doing it, which is why they ask others for help. This is a good idea because it is constructive advice. A worker or a peer can disassemble your abilities and decide what is strong and what is weak. With this information, you can decide what you need to improve and what is already at a high level. Remember: the statistics never lie as long as you understand the language.


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