Discouraging much? Seeing everybody earning 6 to 7-figures online per month (!), selling services and products like hot buns, making half a million in one month from their blog and stuff? Yes. But you can do it too! Maybe not immediately 6 or 7-figure months, but how does SOME MONEY sound?

The most frequently asked question people ask me? “How do you make money?! I try so hard with [insert magazine/course/service/blog] but money is just going out, and there’s not enough coming in. I copy complete business models (and blog designs iek!) but with little to no effect. I work 24/7 and I’m about to start just yet another business or program because this old one obviously doesn’t work.” Sounds familiar? Here’s the real reason why you’re not making any (or enough) money (yet). Here’s why you’re not making any money

You are lost

You are not clear, you have no direction and changes business model/name every few weeks. Oh boy, I see you. I see you and sometimes I even subscribe or follow you just to see even better how lost you are. Some people literally launch new products and AMAZING PROGRAMS every two weeks, which is super confusing! Like, why? Did the other you just launched not sell? I can’t keep up with all the things you’re doing, and I will probably never buy from you. You’re not an authority on one thing, and your communication confuses people. You know that giving interviews and getting your business in the press is one of the things that boost authority, but it does not work if you already changed directions by the time the publication went live. Stick to one niche/product/service and work on your marketing/PR to grow, instead of a new product or service to offer every single week. I do believe this is a super newbie mistake, and getting confident about what you can and do, growing and earning your first self-made dollars help you beat this mistake! Write a business plan if you feel overwhelmed a lot, it will help you follow one direction.

You have no motivation

You need (more) motivation. Often, when you don’t want something bad enough, you will not reach your goals. You have to set highly motivating goals, reasons why you want to earn money and why you want this business to succeed. You can work on this mistake right now by listing ten reasons that will motivate you and 100+ reasons why you need to succeed. 100 seem like a lot, but if you can only come up with ten reasons, is it really something you want really bad?! To set the right goal, write down your: someday goal / 5-year goal / 1-year goal / 1-month goal / weekly goal / what can you do TODAY to reach them?!

You hang out with the wrong crowd

You don’t hang out with the right people. Maybe you just don’t hang out with the right people, your network is your net worth. I have a free course that’s packed with information and ends after 3-days, about how to leverage your network more (and better). Stop cold pitching, stop the hustle. Find out what the value of your network is today! Sign up here for free. But besides your network, do you admire the right people? Maybe that super entrepreneur inspires you but is the way they work really you?

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You don’t take it serious

You treat your business like a hobby. Do you track your time? Do you know how much time you spend a day on reading about other people’s success? Watching how to videos, or enroll in every course possible? They consume a lot of time, and trust me, you know enough. It’s safe to let go the constant reading and learning. It’s your time to finally put all the things you already know to work. The timing is never right, and done is better than perfect. And let’s be honest, do you really try your best to earn money? Or do you just treat your ‘business’ like a side hustle while working full time on it? I know more than anyone that working for yourself can feel like one big holiday. Especially if you just make enough to ‘survive’. You can easily think that everything is ‘work’ – like visiting Starbucks and then taking a photo for Instagram to ‘inspiration sessions’ and shopping ‘career girl clothes’. These things don’t work, and I bet you can come up with a few excuses you put under work. My favorite? Reading books and magazines. Sure, I work in PR, but I don’t need to read every issue of every magazine out there. Realizing that I did things that did not move my business forward, and me thinking that it did, was a big one. I now work more focused, and only towards my someday goal / money making business activities and everything else comes after working hours.

Too much

You are too much. Sometimes, simplifying and decluttering helps you move forward. Less = more, because if you have less to do, less clutter around you or less stuff on your mind, you have space for new things, the things on your to-do list and new ideas. You’ll see things more clearly and I bet it will help you move forward to finally earn some (or more) money!

How to make money (without spending much):

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