Perhaps you have recently relocated your business, whether through an upgrade and expansion or just to move – or maybe you are just starting up your business. Either way, one of your main concerns at this juncture will be to give your office a good starting point. The office is the hub of the business, and how well your business is run is going to be determined by, and reflected in, the way in which your office is run. Long before you even bring in your employees to the office, there are a number of things you should be considering in order to make it work for your business as well as possible. Let’s think about some of the ways you can give your office the best possible start.

Feng Shui

Whether or not you buy the underlying spiritual framework of this ancient art, there is no doubt that Feng Shui does offer us some useful practical pointers for how to arrange items in a space. The basic lesson of Feng Shui is to pay attention as closely as you can to where your furniture and other items are, and how they interplay practically on a daily basis. But other lessons in the art will also help you to improve productivity, and some of the secrets are surprisingly effective. For example, it is worth paying attention to the angles of your furniture – if you can avoid too many sharp angles facing you as you work, you will be more relaxed, and your workload will improve. This is one of the many aspects of Feng Shui backed up by science – so it is worth exploring the potential of this if you want your office to thrive.

Showing your spirituality in your office

The Power Of Clean

There is nothing worse than getting started in an office which is anything but sparkling clean. Given that it is a brand new office for your business, you don’t want your colleagues to come into it and find that it is dusty or dirty. It is, therefore, a good idea to bring in the professionals to carry out some deep office cleaning for you, so that your office space is as good as new at the very beginning. Of course, you will also find that you want to keep it this way for as long as you can, so having regular cleaning – every day, if possible – is likely to be a vital ongoing practice and one which your colleagues will appreciate too. Start clean, start fresh.

Showing your spirituality in your office decor

Decor & Psychology

It is worth taking a look at the way your office is decorated and thinking a little about the psychological impact of how it all looks. While you don’t necessarily need to go overboard on spending too much time on this, it is worth thinking about at least a little. You probably want calming colors, for example, so that your employees can work more easily and efficiently. You should also try not to overload the senses with bright or overbearing displays – but nor should you keep it completely bare. Get this balance right, and it will massively help the productivity in the office from the get-go.